9 Social Media Sharing Ideas to Engage and Entertain Your Market

Make Social Media Marketing Work for You

What to share on social media
Engage, inspire and entertain your social media followers. Credit: Matt Chalwell | Getty Images

Social media is an incredibility effective and affordable way to reach your market; however, you can’t just post “buy me” or haphazardly. Like all marketing strategies, your social media marketing needs a plan. Here are ideas of the types of things you can post to attract and engage your market.

1. Your blog posts and articles.

If you’ve posted something new on your blog or website, share it. Many web users don’t know what an RSS feed is much less use one, so social media is one of the top ways to let them there’s new stuff at your site.

Don’t forget to share articles you’ve written for others or that have mentioned you as an expert.

2. Repost popular content.

One of the problems with blogs is that quality content often gets shuffled to the back of the line to make room for new content. While good SEO can help Google keep track of good content, it doesn’t hurt to remind people of great stuff that’s still viable posted in the past. One option is to check your analytics to learn which are the most popular articles on your blog. Another option is to use a plugin, such as Revive Old Post, that will automatically share old content on Twitter.

3. News and trends in your industry.

There’s a lot of talk today about “influencers,” experts that others follow and listen to. Influencers are knowledgeable about their industry because they stay on top of what’s going on and share it with others. Sharing information provided by others not only shows you stay current on what’s going on, but it can help you build connections with influencers, as well as establish yourself as an influencer.

If you have blogs and other resources you read, share the good stuff your market would be interested in. If you’re having trouble finding good articles, use a service such as Google Alerts or Talk Walker Alerts which will notify you of news in your chosen topics.

4.  Other social media resources.

Odds are you’re on more than one social media network so consider sharing your profiles on other sites.

For example, share a Pinterest board on Twitter and Facebook. Share your Facebook fan page or group on Twitter.

5. Newsletter sign up.

While you don’t want all your posts to be about buying or signing up for something, it doesn’t hurt to post information about your email newsletter every now and then. Don’t say, “Sign up for my newsletter.” Instead, promote the freebie you’re offering to go with your newsletter sign up.

6. Stuff you love.

If there is a book, product, or service you use and enjoy, why not share it with your followers? You can even use an affiliate link or ad, as long as you disclose the relationship (i.e. #ad or #affiliate).

7. Insights into your life.

Many of your followers will be curious about your day, or systems and processes you use. Social media is a great way to share behind the scenes information about your business. Consider using photos to showcase what it’s like to be you and do what you do.

8. Motivation and inspiration.

I love following Paulo Coelho on Instegram because he shares so many inspirational quotes. You can do the same for your followers. You can simply post a text or use a service such as Canva or PicMonkey to create a graphic of your inspirational tip, quote or saying.

9. Entertaining content

There’s no rule that says you can’t have a little fun with your market. Whenever you can make your market laugh or have a strong positive feeling, you’ll usually increase engagement, shares, and traffic to your site.