Social Media Manager Resume Example

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When applying for a social media manager position, you will need to highlight your knowledge of social media accounts, trends, and analytics on your resume. Present your previous experience in chronological order and provide details of your role in each position. Include specific details from the positions you have held which quantify your successes. Percentage increases in views, shares, and tweets will highlight your effectiveness and competence.

Match Your Resume to the Job

For each position you apply for, carefully read and take the time to analyze what the hiring manager is looking for in a strong candidate. Your resume should reflect your social media skills and experiences which most closely match the ones being sought for the particular job. Be sure to place your strongest qualifications first, followed by the also important, but less specifically related ones.

As you gain experience in your field, you will find it easier to tailor your resume for each opportunity you apply for. With each new position and accomplishment, you will have more material to interpret and select from to match to the requirements of a job. When you are less experienced, it’s important that you make the connection clear between what you have done, and how it relates to your qualifications for the position.  

Your cover letter can go into more detail about certain aspects of your resume.

Just make sure the information (dates, titles, etc.) matches up in both documents.

Social Media Manager Resume Example

Use the following sample resume for a social media manager as a guide. You can adjust the details and the order to fit your situation and the job you're applying for, so your resume is as close a match to the job description as possible.

Firstname Lastname
1001 Northwest Ave, Apt 1
Bethesda, MD 20810
C: 555-555-5555

Social Media Manager
Creative, skilled social media expert with five years of experience managing professional social media accounts. Successfully create must-follow social media feeds to develop an engaged community of followers for clients. Increase inbound traffic for clients’ websites by up to 32% through development of content, application of analytics tools, and thoughtful collaboration with web production team.

Professional Experience

Social Media Manager, XYZ PR Firm, Bethesda, MD                                    
November 20XX-Present

  • Develop and manage online marketing campaigns for organizations including ABC Co., 123 Co., and JKL Co., effectively expanding audiences and increasing awareness of each brand.
  • Develop and monitor benchmarks for measuring impact of social media programs using social media analytics, KPIs, and dashboards, ensuring success for each organization
  • Collaborate with VP, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Web Producer of each organization to develop and manage a successful interdepartmental social media team

Marketing Coordinator, ABC Health Systems, Baltimore, MD                  
March 20XX-October 20XX

  • Developed and managed ABC’s first social media campaign, initiating a 32% increase in web page viewers, a 25% increase in Facebook shares, and a 50% increase in Twitter retweets
  • Assembled and analyzed sales, expenses, and new business data, developed quarterly marketing reports and delivered thorough quarterly analysis reports to upper management


Master of Business Administration, ABC University
Specialization: Marketing

Bachelor of Arts, XYZ College
Major: Marketing
Minor: Business

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