Social Media Interview Questions

List of Interview Questions for Social Media Jobs

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While the interview questions asked for positions in social media vary depending on the type of the job and the company, there are a number of questions that you are likely to be asked. These questions include a combination of behavioral interview questions and questions that focus on your social media experience and ability to succeed on the job. Here's a list of some of the most common questions.

Social Media Interview Questions

Personal Social Media Experience

  • Which social media sites do you recommend for businesses? Why?
  • What social sites do you use personally? Why?
  • How does your personal social media presence impact your employer?
  • What social media pages or profiles have you created and managed in the past?
  • What conversation domains do you focus on?
  • What is a limitation you experienced on a social media platform? How did you surpass it?


  • What is your strategy for social media and content?
  • What sites do you think the company should be on that we are not?
  • How would you design an optimal social media experience for our customers/users?
  • How do you use and leverage the benefits of both LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Pages?
  • How do you measure the success of a social media strategy?


  • How do you measure the ROI of a specific social media campaign?
  • Do you have experience with Google Analytics?
  • Does social media affect SEO? How?
  • What social media monitoring, analytics and publishing tools do you use?
  • What type of experience did you have at your previous job with analytics, trends, etc., and how did you improve website traffic?


  • How do you monitor trending topics?
  • Who are the leading topic influencers in this industry?
  • How do you stay current on all the shifts and innovations in social media?
  • Are there any hot new social media platforms on the horizon we should be aware of?

Community-related questions

  • How do you energize the community?
  • How would you handle user/customer complaints?
  • How do you personalize a large scale social presence?
  • What’s the difference between targeted and large audiences? Which is better? Why?
  • How do you monitor comments and brand mentions on social media sites?
  • How do you identify brand advocates?
  • How would you use Google+ communities?
  • How do you define engagement?

Personal questions

  • What are you passionate about?
  • How would you add value to our social media department?
  • Which social media experts or influencers do you follow?
  • How would you handle a crisis on social media?
  • What are some of best practices on social media? 
  • Which social media brand strategy has inspired you? Why?
  • What innovative things are our competitors doing on social media?

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