11 Kick Ass Social Media Content Generators

Getty Images / Tetra Images

Are your social media channels staler than a cracker that's been left out for a week? Have the lost the buzz and excitement they once had? I know that coming up with new and fresh ideas can be tough and seems to be the biggest challenges for digital marketers.  Let me see if I can help by providing you with a few of my favorite social media idea generators.

  1. Share the “real” story. People are interested in what’s going on behind the scenes.  Who is the brand you represent?  Share photos, quotes, stories and let them walk the halls of the company virtually by sharing the “real” story and what it’s like to work at XYZ Company.
  1. Fill in the Blank.  People love to collaborate and join in on the conversation.   Start the conversation with “fill in the blank” posts.  A few examples include:
    • XYZ Company has changed the way I _______________________.
    • The one word that describes my day today is ____________________.
    • I relieve stress by ________________________.
    • The one thing that makes me smile every day is ___________________.
  2. Share compelling content that is industry specific. Find content that your followers/fans will find interesting and share it along with a little comment on why you found it so interesting and ask them to share their opinion as well.
  3. Questions. People love to contribute but sometimes need a little persuading. Ask questions.  It doesn’t have to be brand or product related.  Keep it general and get them talking.
  4. Make them laugh.  In today’s world we all have far too much stress and often people are just looking for something that will make them chuckle.  A successful post that I did recently was a video of an employee dancing as if no one was watching, it was a true hit.   Share something funny, a photo, a video, or even a quote or saying. 
  1. Share statistics.   This is an easy one when you are stuck on what to post. I like to use company-specific statistics or industry related statistics.  
  2. Encourage fans/followers to send you photos or videos.  There is nothing better than user generated content.   When they see that you have used their content they will feel a strong loyalty to you and always credit them, everyone likes to see their name in lights.
  1. Tips, tricks, and hacks.   Who doesn’t like a new handy trick, tip or hack that makes life easier?  Go ahead share what you know.
  2. Inspire with quotes.   We could all use an inspiration, go ahead pull a quote and use it.  I find that if I put them on an image they do much better and while you are at it why not ask followers and fans to share their favorite quotes with you.
  3. Leadership and staff features and interviews.   People love to get to know those behind the scenes what better way to create a relatable experience than by featuring executives, leadership, and staff.  Share their personalities and information that fans and followers can relate to.  No stiff articles here, make them fun and relatable.  This will make fans and followers feel as if they are a “part” of the company which in return creates diehard loyalty.
  4. Hashtag play.  Consistency is key when it comes to social media, so if you are really stuck try using the hashtags that are played on during the week.  These are my go-to when I just can’t think of something new to share.
    • Monday -  #MotivationMonday  #MondayFunday #MusicMonday
    • Tuesday - #TipTuesday
    • Wednesday - #WisdomWednesday #WaybackWednesday (#WBW)
    • Thursday - #TriviaThursday  #ThrowBackThursday (#TBT)
    • Friday - #FollowFriday (#FF)  #FridayFunday #FridayNight

    If you are still stuck, take your pulse.  These ideas should help you in generating social media content for days to come.