Small Business Resources and Tips

    A small business can range from sole proprietorships, to e-commerce shops, to brick-and-mortar retail stores and restaurants with several employees. For sole proprietors and microbusinesses (1-9 employees) in particular, here are the resources, tips, and strategies to effectively operate and promote your business to drive sales, revenue, and traffic.
    Property owner greeting guests at the doorway
    How To Finance an Airbnb Business
     Business owner with laptop doing paperwork
    Fixed vs. Variable Cost: What’s the Difference?
    Delivery driver carrying package
    What Is the Gig Economy?
    Confident young female financial advisor writing on diary
    A Beginner's Guide to Bookkeeping
    Delivery driver using tablet in truck
    How To Track Business Mileage With a Mileage Log
    Young delivery driver carries wicker fruit basket in front of van
    What Is Tax Depreciation?
     Business partners in brainstorming meeting
    How Do Taxes Work for LLCs?
    man doing home renovation work on fence
    Types of 1099 Forms You Should Know About
    Young businessman examines a prototype in bright office
    What Is Seed Capital?
    Employee makes credit card touch transaction at a store
    How Employee Credit Cards Work
     Business owner doing accounting in her coffee shop
    What Is Overhead?
    Craftswoman using digital tablet while calculating financial bills in workshop
    How To Do a Cash Flow Analysis
    Office real estate shopping
    Should You Allow Tenants To Sublet Your Property?
    Business owner analyzing and working on business model
    What Is a Business Model?
     Business owner doing finances at home
    Important Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed
    Man working at home preparing merchandise sold online in small business
    How To Make Money Online
    Smiling bookkeeper working at a restaurant
    How To Build a Business General Ledger
    A woman looking at a computer
    A Guide to Amortizing Intangible Assets
    A woman looks at a credit card.
    What Business Owners Need To Know About Stripe Fees
    A business owner meets with a lender
    What Is a Swingline Loan?
    A CEO looks over her company’s credit score as her colleagues look on.
    How To Check Your Business Credit Score
    An entrepreneur looks over his company's financial situation.
    What Is Unlimited Liability?
    Smiling businesswoman looks over architect blueprints in office
    What Is Asset-Backed Lending?
    Business owners looking at tablet
    What Is an Expense Report?
    Female mechanic showing receipt to customer with credit card
    Invoice vs. Receipt: What's the Difference?
    Small business owner doing taxes
    How Much Taxes Do Small Businesses Pay?
    Business owner looking out the window and thinking in empty cafe
    Signs Your Business Is Insolvent
    Small business owner using tablet while calculating finances
    How To Manage and Record Cash Receipts
    Business owner looking at financial papers
    How To Do Bank Reconciliation for Your Business
    Stressed cafe owner looking at paperwork
    How To Deal With Small Business Debt
    Coffee shop owner doing paperwork with laptop
    How To Calculate Net Income for Your Business
    Small business owners taking stock of inventory
    What Are Liquid Assets?
    Two business owners working on bills in their cafe
    How To Get Business Working Capital Loans
    Home owner shakes hands with a visitor at a home-sharing business
    Schedule E Explained
    Woman working on laptop in a warehouse
    How To Create a Profit and Loss Statement
    Business owner smiling and bookkeeping at a restaurant
    How To Create a Cash Flow Projection for Your Business
    Small business owner thinking in front of laptop
    Do You Need a Business Owner's Policy (BOP)?
    Small business owner with laptop and calculator frustrated by paperwork
    Types of Errors in Small Business Accounting
    Business owner tallying up the day’s sales
    How To Calculate Operating Income
    Hair stylist with customer in salon
    SBA Community Advantage Loans: What You Need To Know
    Female entrepreneur smiling with smartphone and laptop
    How To Use Venmo for Business
    Cafe owner with laptop doing business accounting
    What Is a Business Tax Receipt?
    Bakery owner sorting through paperwork and paying bills
    Invoice vs. Bill: What’s the Difference?
    Male street cart owner using smartphone
    How To Open a Business Checking Account With Bad Credit
    Small business owner doing finances with laptop
    Gross Income vs. Net Income: What’s the Difference?
    Business owners looking at tablet
    How To Categorize and Track Small Business Expenses
    Cafe owner dealing with paperwork on the phone with laptop
    How To Do Invoice Reconciliation
    Designer examining a prototype
    Identifying Tangible and Intangible Assets in Your Business
    Woman making a credit card payment to a small business
    How To Open a Business Bank Account
    Young entrepreneur/business owner at home processing orders
    How To Start a Business From Home
    Business owner tallying up sales for the day
    What Is Cost-Benefit Analysis?
    Businessman relaxing in home office with feet on desk
    Top Passive Income Ideas
    Construction company owner agreeing to a contract
    What Does Bonded Mean?
    Small business owner ready to ship packages
    How To Make Money on eBay
    Woman with suitcase sits on bed and looks out window
    How To Start an Airbnb Business
    Man looks pensively at desktop computer in home office
    How To Become a Freelancer
    Brewer pouring wheat in storage tank while working at brewery
    How To Prepare and Calculate a Production Budget
    A business owner makes an inventory purchase with his business credit card.
    How To Get a Business Credit Card
    Designer examining a prototype
    How To Patent an Idea
    Young businessman shakes hands with man at networking event
    How To Find Angel Investors