SlideBoom Review

Screenshot of SlideBoom in Google Chrome
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SlideBoom is a simple presentation maker that merely lets you upload files created in other presentation software and then share them with the world.

Other users who view one of your presentations can leave graphical comments by drawing or highlighting things. The result is saved as a new version of the file and placed below the original like a regular comment.

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  • Upload popular file formats
  • Supports private and public sharing
  • Download your presentations
  • Can store up to 100 presentations
  • Large 100 MB file size limit


  • Unable to edit slides


  • Can upload PPT, PPTX, ODP, PPS, and PPSX files
  • Supports over 180 slide transitions, video, and audio, which means they won't break when uploading them to SlideBoom
  • Can choose to allow or not allow the public from viewing, downloading, and/or embedding your presentation
  • Presentations can be uploaded like a regular slideshow that requires you to click through the slides, or you can choose to upload them like a video and specify the duration (up to 10 seconds) before automatically moving to the next slide

My Thoughts on SlideBoom

SlideBoom is nothing but a showcase for your presentations. While you can't edit any of your slides, you can store up to 100 files on your account, which is quite a large number, and then share them with others like friends or the public.

The way others comment on your presentations is very interesting because they can draw on the slides. Once they have, it's saved as a comment that others can open and see what you've done.

SlideBoom supports all the popular PowerPoint file formats, which means nearly any good presentation program can made files compatible with SlideBoom.

Because there are other presentation makers, like Google Slides and Zoho Show, that not only let you share your files but also edit them, it's hard to see any differing benefits of SlideBoom.

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