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Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit

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Although Sky Blue Credit offers credit repair services starting at $79 a month, it provides a 90-day money-back guarantee and couple's discounts that are better than much of the competition.

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Pros and Cons
  • Pricing of $79 per month is average for the industry

  • Condition-free 90-day money-back guarantee is top-of-the-line

  • Couple's discounts of 50% off monthly and initial fees are among the best

  • 4.27/5 Customer review average at the BBB

  • Enrollment for credit repair services can be completed online

  • 24/7 support isn’t available

  • Monthly credit monitoring isn’t offered

  • Financial management tools (e.g., budgeting) aren’t available

  • Free credit consultation before enrolling in services isn’t provided

Key Takeaways
  • Sky Blue is a well-established credit repair company that was founded in 1989.
  • The company’s single plan allows you to repair up to 15 items every 35 days. 
  • You won’t get add-on services like credit monitoring or budgeting with Sky Blue.
  • The company offers an excellent money-back guarantee, and you can enroll online.
  • Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the BBB, with satisfactory complaint resolution.
  • The company has an excellent 4.27/5 average for customer reviews with the BBB.
  • Sky Blue’s costs of $79 a month are about average, with excellent couple's discounts.
  • Year Founded 1989
  • Average Cost $79 per month
  • Types of Credit Repair Services Available Credit report disputes, debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and more
  • Monthly Monitoring Options Not available
  • Official Website
  • Customer Support 1-800-790-0445

Sky Blue Credit offers one credit repair plan at an industry-average cost of $79 a month, with an initial one-time fee of the same amount. While some of the competition includes other services like monthly credit monitoring in their credit repair packages, Sky Blue doesn’t include these add-ons. Instead, you’ll be able to challenge up to five items with each of the three credit bureaus every 35 days. Plus, the company provides extra credit repair services like debt validation, cease and desist letters, and more at no additional cost. 

While some credit repair companies don’t limit the number of items that can be challenged at one time, you may have to upgrade to get extra credit repair services like those that come standard with Sky Blue. Although not accredited, Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an excellent 4.27/5 stars average for BBB customer reviews. We considered all of this and more in our review.

Company Overview: Well-Established Credit Repair Company

Sky Blue Credit is a privately held credit repair company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded in 1989, Sky Blue is one of the oldest and most-established credit repair companies of those we reviewed. Unlike much of the competition, you’ll need to sign up for services to get a credit consultation. However, you can cancel at any time within six days without being charged. According to the company’s customer service team, if you tell your credit advisor what you’re trying to repair before you sign up for services, your advisor will let you know if they think it’s possible. Plus, Sky Blue’s unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee is better than what’s offered by many other credit repair companies. With this guarantee, you can cancel for any reason within 90 days and get your money back.

Available Services: One Simple Credit Repair Plan

With Sky Blue Credit, all the credit repair services it offers are included in one simple plan that costs $79 a month. The company will help you dispute up to five items per credit bureau, for a total of 15 items, every 35 days. Notably, some of the other credit repair companies we reviewed will dispute an unlimited number of items at a time, which could lead to the repairs happening quicker. However, a Sky Blue customer service representative explained that the company decided to reduce the number of items it will address at a given time since, in its experience, the credit bureaus are more likely to reject disputes that include a large number of items.

Make sure you ask potential credit repair providers how many items can be challenged at once, as the number may be limited.

In addition to disputes, Sky Blue’s credit repair plan also includes debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and more at no extra cost. Much of the competition also offers services such as these, but often only with their higher-cost plans. Although you won’t get monthly credit monitoring or financial management tools (e.g., budgeting), Sky Blue will provide you with guidance on how to build and maintain a good credit score. This is a helpful service not offered by some of the other credit repair companies we've reviewed. 

Optional Add-Ons: No Additional Services Provided

While some credit repair companies offer add-on services (e.g., credit monitoring), Sky Blue Credit focuses solely on credit repair. If you want services in addition to credit repair, like budgeting tools or monthly credit monitoring, you may want to consider going with another credit repair company. Sky Blue will, however, provide you free guidance regarding the steps you can take to build a positive credit history and increase your credit score. This type of value-added service helps Sky Blue Credit stand out from the competition. 

Customer Service: Online Application and Condition-Free Guarantee

Sky Blue Credit is available to provide support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). You can contact the company by phone or submit a question online, and someone will get back with you. We contacted Sky Blue to ask some questions and were met with a representative who was friendly and knowledgeable. Although the company doesn’t offer 24/7 support, that’s not unusual for the credit repair industry. Once you’re ready to enroll in a plan, you can sign up online, a nice touch not provided by some of Sky Blue’s competitors.

Although it would be better if you could get a free credit consultation from Sky Blue before signing up for services, at least you won’t be charged for six days, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, Sky Blue offers a condition-free 90-day money-back guarantee and will give you your money back for any reason during this period. Much of the competition doesn’t provide a similar guarantee, so this makes Sky Blue relatively unique. Keep in mind, if you don’t know what kind of credit help you need, consider using a nonprofit credit counseling agency to get free advice.  

You can get free advice on credit and money management issues from nonprofit credit counseling agencies.

Reputation: High BBB Rating and Satisfactory Complaint Resolution 

Unlike some of the best credit repair companies we reviewed, Sky Blue Credit is not accredited by the BBB, although it has an excellent rating of A+. There have been nine complaints with the BBB closed in the last three years, six of them were closed in the previous 12 months. The BBB complaints are mostly related to problems with the services the company offers. While there were no details available for some of the complaints, refunds requested in several of the complaints appear to have been honored. 

Based on a review of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) consumer complaint database, there were only one complaint against Sky Blue Credit reported within the most recent three-year period. According to the complaint from December 2017, the customer indicated they were charged immediately by Sky Blue rather than six days after enrolling in the plan. The CFPB noted that Sky Blue responded in a timely manner to the complaint and that the complaint was closed with an explanation. Sky Blue’s timely response to the complaint is positive, as is the fact that there have not been many CFPB complaints.

Customer Satisfaction: Legitimate Company Providing Solid Advice

Sky Blue Credit has an excellent 4.27/5 stars customer review rating with the BBB, based on feedback from 11 customers. It’s important to note that credit repair only works if there are items on your credit report that are inaccurate. Quite a few customers left a positive review that, even though Sky Blue Credit couldn’t fix credit issues that weren’t inaccurate (a good thing you should expect from a legitimate credit repair company), they did learn about other ways to build and maintain a positive credit history. The ability to get quality credit advice is something you should always look for in a credit repair company. 

Cost: Average Individual Pricing and Exceptional Couple Discounts

You’ll pay $79 a month for the credit repair services offered by Sky Blue Credit. Six days after you sign up for a plan with Sky Blue, you'll be charged an initial setup (“first work”) fee of $79, with your monthly fees charged every 30 days from that point forward. You can cancel your plan at any time, and there are no hidden fees. The costs charged by Sky Blue for its credit repair services are about average for the industry.

If you sign up for Sky Blue’s services as a couple, the second member receives a 50% discount off both the initial fee and the ongoing monthly fee. Sky Blue’s couple's discount is better than those offered by many of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. Plus, Sky Blue Credit offers a top-of-the-line unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee.  

The following table summarizes the costs Sky Blue Credit charges for its credit repair plan:

Plan Initial Fee Monthly Fee
Sky Blue Credit $79 $79

The Competition: Sky Blue Credit vs. Lexington Law

One of the most popular competitors to Sky Blue Credit is Lexington Law, a credit repair company founded in Utah in 1993. Although Lexington Law has been in business for a long time, Sky Blue has an even more impressive history of operations dating back to 1989. Lexington Law is currently not rated by the BBB and Sky Blue has an A+ rating. Sky Blue has a much better 4.27/5 stars customer review average compared to Lexington Law’s 2.16/5 stars. 

One of the clear differentiators between the two companies is pricing. To get some of the credit repair services offered standard by Sky Blue (e.g., cease and desist letters), you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-cost plan with Lexington Law. Even though you get enhanced services like monthly credit monitoring with Lexington Law’s higher-cost plans, we think Sky Blue’s credit repair services offer a better overall value. 

  Sky Blue Credit Lexington Law
Monthly Price $79 $89.85 to $129.95
Initial Fees $79 $89.85 to $129.95
Number of Plans One Three
BBB Accredited Business No No
BBB Rating A+ C
BBB Customer Reviews 4.27/5-stars 2.16/5-stars
Final Verdict

Average Price and Exceptional Money-Back Guarantee

Based on our methodology, Sky Blue Credit offers a good set of credit repair services at a price that’s about average for the industry ($79 per month). Although you can’t get a free credit consultation before signing up for a plan, Sky Blue won’t charge you for six days, allows you to cancel at any time, and provides a condition-free 90-day money-back guarantee. All said, if you don’t need extras like monthly credit monitoring and want the ability to get your money back for any reason during the first 90-days, Sky Blue Credit is a decent credit repair option.

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