Should You Wear Pantyhose to Job Interviews or Work?

When Pantyhose is Appropiate in the Workplace

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Whether or not to wear pantyhose remains a contested issue among female employees and job seekers. Changes in fashion and workplace dress codes have caused some women to forgo pantyhose for bare legs, while other women claim pantyhose are still essential. So who is right?

Company Dress Codes

The answer depends on a number of factors. Firstly, your attire should always depend on the company. If you know the company allows business casual dress, you should feel fine not wearing pantyhose.

However, if the company prefers business dress (a pantsuit or a suit with a blouse), pantyhose would be more appropriate. If you are unsure as to the company's dress policies, ask.

Company Culture Considerations

Many people believe that wearing/not wearing pantyhose is a generational issue, and that younger generations simply do not need to wear pantyhose. Pantyhose may be less essential today than they were a generation ago. However, regardless of her age, a job seeker should always think about the company's culture before deciding to skip the legwear.

When in doubt about whether or not to wear pantyhose, always err on the side of caution, especially in an interview. If you simply hate wearing pantyhose, wear trousers instead of a skirt or dress.

Choosing Pantyhose to Wear

If you decide to wear pantyhose, stick to either nude or black (opaque), especially when interviewing. Colored and patterned tights have become trendy recently, but do always not convey professionalism in the way that nude or black pantyhose do (picture someone walking into an interview in fishnet pantyhose).

Once you are hired by a company and have a better feel for the company culture, you can decide whether more playful types of tights are okay.

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