Should a Policy Holder Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Everyone hopes it will not happen to them but for many, it's bound to happen... filing an insurance claim. Most insurance policy holders would prefer to just pay a reasonable amount for their insurance premium and go about their daily lives. They don't have a problem paying for their insurance and never using it. They like it that way. But it is not always that way and once an accident happens, one can choose to either file a claim or take a loss.

For the larger accidents the far majority of insurance policy holders will choose to file a claim rather than take a loss. Although filing an insurance claim can be burdensome and can possibly raise one's insurance rates for the future, in instances where the loss is greater than one can or is willing to financially bear, filing the insurance claim is their preferred choice.

Starting the claims process seems to go fairly easy in the beginning. Contacting the insurance agent and giving them all the information needed runs pretty smooth. Eventually during the claims process the policy holder will get a call and/or visit from the insurance company's claims adjuster. This is where the claims process can sometimes become a real pain for an insurance policy holder.

The insurance claims adjuster is the professional one will probably deal with the most during the insurance claims process. There are three main types of insurance claims adjusters.

A Company Adjuster is an employee of the insurance company that one is filing an insurance claim with. This would most likely be the insurance claim adjuster most would be dealing with for their insurance claims.

The other two insurance claims professionals are the Independent Adjuster and the Public Adjuster.

An independent adjuster is an independent contractor that the insurance company pays to handle a claim for the insurance company. The third type of adjuster, the public adjuster, works only for the policy holder.

The public insurance adjuster is also an independent insurance adjuster but they are hired by the policy holders who are filing the claim. Public insurance adjusters are often hired by insurance policy holders to make sure they are getting their full claim benefit from the insurance policy they purchased.

When the insurance claims process progresses to the point where the insurance company adjuster is involved and processing an estimate for the damages for the insurance company, some policy holders feel they would be better served by hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster. This is not always the case as some insurance policy holders are very happy with the claims process using the insurance company's adjuster. But, for the ones who feel the company's insurance adjuster does not have their best interest in mind, hiring their own public insurance adjuster is the right choice for the policy holder.

There are several reasons why some policy holders choose to hire their own public insurance adjuster.

These reasons include: large losses, the company insurance adjuster is not communicating well with the policy holder, an inexperienced company adjuster and damages were left off of the company adjuster’s insurance claim.

These are the most common reasons some policy holders hire their own public insurance adjuster but sometimes one may hire a public insurance adjuster just because they are too busy themselves to have to deal with the claims process. Whatever the reason, it is good for policy holders to have an option of a public insurance adjuster to represent them in their claim if needed.

Although having one's own public insurance adjuster sounds like a great way to go, it is not always necessary.

It is best for one to first try to see how the claims process goes with the insurance company and their company adjuster. There are many very experienced and fair insurance adjusters working for insurance companies that will do just as good of a job handling the policy holders insurance claim as a paid public insurance adjuster would.