Shoplifting Prevention 101

Identify and Prevent Retail Theft

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The crime of shoplifting is the taking of merchandise offered for sale without paying. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, more than $25 million worth of merchandise is stolen from retailers each and every day. Shoplifting has become a large part of retail shrinkage.

No matter how big or small the retail store may be, all types of retailers are susceptible to the growing problem of shoplifting.

This guide will help retailers identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods, create a less attractive environment for shoplifters and teach retailers how to implement shoplifting policies and procedures to protect their store against theft.

What to Look For

In order to stop a shoplifter, retailers must first be familiar with the categories of shoplifters, common shoplifting methods, and know what to look for in customers who exhibit strange behavior. Find out how to spot a shoplifter.

Preventive Measures

One of the most effective tools to prevent shoplifting is good store management. Retailers should also use store layout, adequate inventory controls and follow common security practices to combat shoplifting.

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Stopping Shoplifters

It is important to plan store policies and procedures for shoplifting early in the business planning.

We hope it will never happen in our store but in the event it does, retailers and their staff should be prepared to handle the situation. Take the following into consideration when writing your shoplifting policies.

Recommended Reading

Retailers are constantly struck by outside influences out of their control.

Rising cost of living, less consumer spending and increases in operating expenses erode profits. But what the retailer can control is its methods of loss prevention. Preventing shoplifting, stopping employee theft and reducing shrinkage can help ensure the retail store is keeping the most revenue possible.

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