Sheep and Goat Internships

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There are many internship options that may be of interest to aspiring sheep farmers, animal scientists, veterinarians, livestock auctioneers, livestock educators, and others with an interest in the sheep and goat industries.  Here is a sampling of currently available opportunities: ​

Appleton Creamery

Appleton Creamery (in Maine) offers an internship program in its goat dairy.  Interns gain experience in many areas including cheese making, goat husbandry, milking, kidding, and farmers’ market product sales.

  The dairy also purchases sheep and cow milk (when available) for making products such as yogurt and butter.  Housing and DSL internet are provided.  Basic groceries (and a small grocery purchasing allowance) are also provided.

Bonnieview Sheep Dairy

Bonnieview Sheep Dairy (in Vermont) offers a seasonal sheep dairy internship that runs from April to October.  Interns may work from 2 to 6 months during that period.  Duties include general care, lambing of 200 ewes, milking, cheese making, and moving fences for rotational grazing.  Interns are compensated with a small stipend and free housing.

Fuzzy Udder Creamery

Fuzzy Udder Creamery (in Maine) offers an apprenticeship program at its sheep and goat dairy operation.  Apprentices are involved a variety of tasks including milking sheep and goats, making cheese, marketing, kidding and lambing, animal care, and rotational grazing.  Year round and short term (May-October) apprentice positions are available.

  Apprentices are compensated at a rate of approximately $8 per hour.  Housing is available at additional cost.

Laughing Goat Fiber

Laughing Goat Fiber (in New York) offers internships related to goat care and fiber work.  Interns are involved with general goat care and husbandry, fiber work (including washing, spinning, and weaving), various farm chores, and assisting with shows and festivals.

  Internships are unpaid but room and board are provided.  Course credit is guaranteed for University of Vermont students through a pre-existing arrangement and may also be possible for students coming from other institutions.

Mint Creek Farm

Mint Creek Farm (in central Illinois) offers an internship program at its certified organic grass-fed sheep farm.  The farm has a flock of over 700 sheep and sells meat at farmer’s markets and restaurants in the Chicago area.  Interns are chiefly involved with livestock care, moving portable fencing, taking meat inventory, and farmer’s market preparation.  Interns must commit to a three month stay at minimum (working at least 30 hours per week).  Room and board is provided in the owner’s home.  Compensation is possible for interns staying more than four months.

Mountain Lodge Farm

Mountain Lodge Farm (in Washington) offers internship opportunities at its goat and sheep dairy.  The farm also has a flock of meat sheep, guard llamas, and livestock guardian dogs.  Internships last from 3 to 6 months (30 hours per week) and can be tailored to the student’s specific areas of interest.  Interns may be involved with milking, general care and husbandry, kid/lamb care, marketing, rotational grazing, births, and general farm duties.

  Housing is provided along with a weekly food stipend.

Surfing Goat Dairy

Surfing Goat Dairy (in Maui, Hawaii) offers internship/apprenticeship opportunities at its goat dairy facility.  Interns may be involved with cheese making, milking, husbandry, catering, tours, sales, deliveries, and marketing.  Housing (including basic furnishings and wireless DSL internet), most meals, and a shared car are provided.  Interns receive a stipend of approximately $200 per week and a 20 percent employee discount on any products purchased.

Valley Shepherd Creamery

Valley Shepherd Creamery (in New Jersey) offers an internship program in sheep dairy production.  Interns are exposed to a variety of activities including cheese production, affinage work, retail sales duty, giving facility tours, and promoting products at marketing events.

  Internships run from 5 to 7 months and begin in late spring or early summer.  Compensation is $300 per week (net) and free shared housing is provided.