Setting up Investment Accounts in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Setting up investment accounts in Microsoft Money can be confusing since Microsoft released the free Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is the most recent version of the software and a replacement for all previous versions. There is no longer support for Internet-based services in any version of MS Money, yet the tools that use those services have been left in the software.

Tutorial: Setting up Investment Accounts and Portfolios in Microsoft Money Plus

Manage and track investments and Microsoft Money.
MSN Money

You need the latest account statement for each account you wish to create in Microsoft Money. At a minimum, you will need to get balance information from these statements.

You can access investment accounts in Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe either by clicking on Investing near the top of the page or by clicking on Investing Home on the left navigation bar. The investing home screen in Microsoft Money opens up to a web page from MSN Money which is embedded in the software. To manage your portfolios from here click on portfolio manager, which you will find under the Investing tab on the MSN Money page.

Alternatively, refer to the left blue navigation bar on the home screen in Microsoft Money, and click on Portfolio Manager located under Investing Home.

Set up Investment Accounts in the Portfolio Manager

Adding an investment account in MS Money.
Microsoft / screenshot by Shelley Elmblad

Set Up a New Investment Account

Use investment accounts in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe to track individual investments such as stocks, bonds, education IRAs, mutual funds, CDs, or U.S. Savings Bonds. Each individual investment account in Microsoft Money holds a collection of your individual investment transactions.

Here's an example: You have a brokerage account with Fidelity and which you've used to purchase stock in Microsoft and WalMart. You will need to set up an account in Microsoft Money Plus to represent Fidelity, then you will enter any investment transactions for Microsoft and WalMart. The transactions may be to buy, sell, dividends, etc.

If you haven't yet read step one, please go back to learn how to get into the Portfolio Manager under the Investments tab in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe.

  1. From the Portfolio Manager, locate the Common tasks link on the left and click on Work with accounts.
  2. Click on Add an account, then select account type and click Next.
  3. Click on the small 'My bank or brokerage isn't listed' link on the lower left of the Select a Bank or Brokerage box.
    • Note: Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe will attempt to go online to download banks and brokerages, then you will see a message that this list is temporarily unavailable, however, the list has been disabled completely but still appears because Microsoft has made the software available "as is" after discontinuing development.
  4. Proceed to the next step in this tutorial to set up your financial institution.

Manually Set up Your Financial Institutions

Setting up a brokerage account in Microsoft Money plus sunset deluxe is a little wonky.
Microsoft / Screenshot by Shelley Elmblad

Once the 'My bank or brokerage isn't listed' link is clicked, you will be prompted once again to choose an account type. Go ahead and do so, then a window will pop up to allow you to name the account. Type in the name of the financial institution, your currency and whether the account is taxable or tax-deferred, and click Next.

At this point, Microsoft Money plus asks you if you would like to add some investments to the brokerage account.

Do Not Enter Individual Investments Now

Microsoft Money will ask you for the estimated balance of the account divided by the value of your investments and the cash portion of the account. If your account does not hold any cash, leave the amount at zero. Click on finish, and the account will be set up in Microsoft Money takes you back to the Portfolio Manager.

Enter Individual Investments Later

Whenever you decide to enter investments now or later, you will need your brokerage statements to get details such as the number of shares, dates acquired and cost, and commissions and fees.

  1. If you elect to add investments, you must do so by using either the add an investment option or at a ticker symbol. Click Next, and select the investment type (stock, mutual fund, etc.) and click Next again.
  2. Microsoft Money now prompts you to enter either the name of the investment or the symbol, whichever was not entered two steps back. This is confusing, but it is because of the lack of Internet-based services as explained in step one of this tutorial. Go ahead and enter either the investment name or the symbol then click finish.
  3. Another data entry window pops up where you entered the number of shares when shares were acquired and at what price, and any commissions or fees. You will see a get price button on this screen, but it's no longer works and is simply left behind from earlier versions of Microsoft Money.
  4. Click Next and you are asked if you would like to enter another investment for this account. Choose yes or no then click on the Finish button. If you chose to enter another investment, the process to do so starts over again.
  5. When you are done entering investments, the account will be set up containing the investments, and Microsoft Money takes you back to the list of investment accounts in the Portfolio Manager.

Because Money Plus Sunset Deluxe can't download new transactions or values, you will have to update your investments occasionally to keep your reports and network accurate. I recommend updating weekly, but any time up to quarterly is adequate depending on your investments.