Series EE Savings Bond Guide

Resources for New Investors Who Want to Own Series EE Savings Bonds

If you want to begin investing in Series EE savings bonds, we've put together a list of the articles, resources, and guides you'll want to read. You'll learn about tax benefits, how to purchase EE bonds, and much more. In a few moments, you'll see how easy it easy to add these great fixed income investments to your portfolio.

Intro to Series EE Savings Bonds

Five Thousand Dollar Series EE Savings Bond

Series EE savings bonds are a unique product issued by the United States Government. By investing in Series EE savings bonds, you are lending money directly to the Treasury Department, and will earn a fixed rate of return. Your bonds won't fluctuate in value, like other types of bonds, meaning you can sell them back for full value plus any interest you've earned at almost any time with a small, or no, penalty depending upon how long you've held the savings bonds. This introduction will explain the basics of investing in Series EE bonds and provides a solid foundation for understanding how they may fit into your fixed income portfolio. Learn the basics of Series EE savings bond investing ... More

4 Ways to Begin Investing in Series EE Savings Bonds

Ten Thousand Dollar Series EE Savings Bond

If you have made up your mind and are ready to take the plunge into investing in Series EE savings bonds, there are four ways to get started depending upon your needs and budget. Learn how you can actually take your cash, buy Series EE savings bonds, and have them delivered to your house ... More

How Series EE Bond Interest Rates are Determined

Series EE Savings Bonds Spread

Have you ever wanted to know what (or whom) determines the interest rate you earn on your Series EE savings bonds? The process isn't black magic - it's actually quite simple. To discover the answer to this often asked question, take a moment to read this explanation ...

Tax Advantages of Series EE Savings Bonds

Tax Advantages of Investing in Series EE Savings Bonds

There are many tax advantages of investing in Series EE savings bonds that new investors often don't realize. One of these benefits includes the opportunity to pay for you or a family member's college education with the interest income you've earned on the bonds, avoiding taxes! Learn about the tax advantages of Series EE savings bonds ... More

What's So Special About EE Bonds from May 1st 1997 Through April 30, 2005?

Special Series EE Savings Bonds

If you've read this far, you already know that Series EE bonds offer a fixed interest rate to investors. That means that from the time you buy your savings bond, you can calculate exactly how much it will be worth, five, ten, twenty, or thirty years from now. For Series EE savings bonds issued between May 1st, 1997 and April 30th, 2005, however, this is not the case. These bonds have special rules that are entirely different from today's Series EE bonds. Here's an overview ...

Series EE Savings Bond Photo Gallery

Series EE Savings Bond Photo Gallery

Have you ever wondered what all of the Series EE savings bonds look like? From the smallest $50 to the largest $10,000, we have high-resolution images of the bonds, along with an explanation of each denomination. In a few seconds, you can browse your way through the gallery and get a better understanding of these great fixed income investments. See photos of real Series EE savings bonds ... More

What Are Patriot Bonds?

United States Patriot Bonds - Part of the Series EE Savings Bond Program

There is a popular type of savings bond known as the Patriot Bond. How is it different from the Series EE savings bond? Why were Patriot Bonds introduced? To find out the answer, read this short explanation. Find out how Patriot Bonds are different ... More

Series HH Savings Bonds

Rolling Over Your Series EE Savings Bonds to Series HH Savings Bonds

Due to a recent move by the Treasury, Series HH savings bonds are rare. If you have one, you shouldn't cash it in until you are certain you can get better terms because there is no way to replace them once you've parted with the bonds. Read how these rare bonds can make you money ... More

Guide to Investing in Series I Savings Bonds

Series I Savings Bonds

Once you've learned everything you need to know about the Series EE savings bonds, you may want to research Series I savings bonds. They work differently than Series EE savings bonds because the interest rate is based, in part, upon changes in the rate of inflation. This protection offers investors a safeguard against rapidly rising prices. Get more information on Series I savings bonds ... More

How to Invest in US Savings Bonds

How to Invest in US Savings Bonds

For those who want information on savings bonds in general, and not just the Series EE savings bond, this special will provide a much broader overview. Topics covered include the history of savings bonds, how to determine if you should have savings bonds in your own portfolio, and ways to minimize taxes on your savings bonds. Go to the savings bonds overview ... More

How to Invest in Bonds

How to Invest in Bonds

If you are interested in more information on how to invest in bonds, including corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and other types of savings bonds, you'll want to take a few minutes to read this article, How to Invest in Bonds. It will point you to some of the best content we've developed on the topic, including important information on bonds vs. bond funds and the dangers of investing in foreign government bonds. Learn about investing in regular bonds ... More