Send a Free Video From Santa This Year

Easily Create a Free Personalized Video From Santa

An up-close picture of Santa
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Send a free video from Santa this year and watch your child's eyes light up with the excitement and magic of Christmas.

Creating a video is easy and you get to customize it just for your child by including their name, photo, age, wish list, and more. Trust me, this is a video they'll want to watch over and over again.

You can create more Santa magic in your home with a free phone call from Santa and a free letter from Santa.

They'll also love these free letter to Santa templates, free Santa trackers, free Santa coloring pages, and Santa online games.

Portable North Pole's Free Videos From Santa

The Portable North Pole is my favorite place to go to create a free video from Santa. These are fun videos and the kids absolutely adore them.

The free Santa video from Portable North Pole is wonderful because you get to customize them so your children truly feel like Santa created this video just for them.

You can customize the video so your child's picture (two of them), name, age, and hometown. You'll also be able to include in the video what they want for Christmas, what you'd like them to work on this year, and if they've been naughty or nice.

There are also premium videos you have to pay for that include longer videos, more story lines, and more photos you can include. These are nice but I think the free version would make any child ecstatic.

More Free Videos From Santa

Here are a few other places you can visit to create a free video from Santa.

Free Personalized Video Greeting From Santa: This free video From Santa includes your child's name and gender and encouragement to be good.