Selling on Amazon

Use the Strategies Given in This Book to Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon
Selling on Amazon.

So many of us would like to become ecommerce entrepreneurs. How does one get started? What is the first step?

Logically, ecommerce is easy: you have goods that you sell at a profit. But there are many more parts to an ecommerce business. To begin with, you have to buy products (sourcing). You then have to create customer demand (marketing). You have to convert the customer (sales) as well as process their orders (order booking).

Of course, one has to deliver the goods (logistics). Then there are all those amazing things such as managing the payment gateway, the technology, the website, customer service, reverse logistics, and a lot more. This entire process is what scares people away from ecommerce, even if they believe that it offers a good career opportunity. As an entrepreneur, and somebody who has spent time with several other entrepreneurs, I know that many feel this presents a chicken-and-egg situation.

Of course, a good entrepreneur would stop at nothing, but I feel that a mechanism that could help you get started on your ecommerce journey would be welcome. This was my motivation to review this book: Selling on Amazon: Use the Strategies Given in This Book to Sell on Amazon and Become Prosperous by Logan Moore.

There are some large sellers on Amazon, who are managing to milk the tens of millions of customers Amazon has in the US and elsewhere.

But if you want to become a serious ecommerce entrepreneur you will want to do much more than merely sell on Amazon, even though it is a great way to get started.

This book teaches you strategies, starting from the basics, about how to sell on Amazon. The Kindle edition is priced at my favorite $0.00.

It talks about how to begin selling on Amazon, and promote your products. Amazon has tens of millions of products and unless someone was specifically looking for what you are selling, there is a good chance that he or she might never locate you. Knowing how to promote products on Amazon is of paramount importance.

While we are talking about being a seller on Amazon, I should remind you that an ecommerce business is far more than just selling on third-party websites such as Amazon. There are pros and cons, and this book, in its third chapter, does a decent job of evaluating whether one should sell on Amazon.

Here is my verdict: if you know very little about selling on Amazon, this book will give you a lot of information, and help you travel a bit of the journey. If you feel that you know a lot and are now seeking professional advice, this is not the book for you.

Selling on Amazon will seem like the real deal, especially because Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to use the FBA service, i.e., "Fulfilled by Amazon", wherein the product delivery and logistics is serviced by Amazon itself. This service instils a lot of confidence in the minds of the buyer, and helps you scale your business in case you receive many orders.

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