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Repairs guaranteed for 90 days, plus free leak roof coverage for a limited time

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Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty

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Our Take

Select Home Warranty offers some uncommon coverage options such as roof leak coverage along with its standard coverages. Additionally, homeowners can get a break on the fees by paying for policies annually and can take advantage of a generous 90 day repair guarantee.

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  • Key Takeaways
  • Specifications
Pros and Cons
  • Free roof leak coverage for the first few months

  • Coverage available in most states (no coverage is available to residents of California, Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin)

  • If you choose to pay annually, you receive two months of free service

  • Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days

  • Select Home Warranty may charge multiple trade service call (TSC) fees if repairs on a service call fall into multiple categories; i.e. both plumbing and appliance repairs during the same home visit

  • No BBB accreditation

  • Pricing for real estate plans is not available online

Key Takeaways
  • Owners must provide yearly maintenance reports on certain systems in order to guarantee coverage. 
  • Claims can be made at any time with representatives standing by 24/7. 
  • Choose between two service fees to make either your monthly cost lower or reduce your claims costs.
  • Year Founded 2012
  • Coverage Coverage available in most states (excludes California, Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin)
  • Customer Service 24/7 online or by telephone.
  • Waiting Period 30 days
  • Contractor Network Nationwide network of contractors
  • Service Recall Period 90 days
  • Number of Plans 3 plans plus optional add-on coverage along with plans for real estate professionals
  • Coverage Limit Payout caps of $400 ($150 on appliances without proof of three years’ maintenance); HVAC $2,000; freon coverage $250
  • Contract Length 12 months (multiple year options available)
  • Payment Options Select reserves the right to decide whether to replace or repair a covered item, and may offer a cash settlement if the item is irreparable, which will not exceed the item’s depreciated value
  • Cost Services fee $60 to $75. Plan pricing is $400-$600 yearly (may pay monthly or yearly. Two months’ service is free if paying yearly)
  • Official Website

Have you ever been hit with the high cost of home repairs when a mechanical breakdown of an appliance, home system or component occurs? It can definitely be a jolt to your pocketbook. If you’ve owned a home for very long, you’ve likely had to pay way too much for a home repair. A home warranty can help offset these surprise repair costs. Select Home Warranty is a popular choice among many U.S. homeowners.

We did our homework when researching Select Home Warranty and reviewed the company’s pricing, number and types of plans, claims, customer service, BBB rating and we also took a look at home the company compared to its competition. Select Home Warranty offers some attractive sign-up bonuses like free roof leak coverage and two months of free service when you pay the full balance of your yearly premium when signing up. Read more to see if Select Home Warranty might be the right choice in home warranty coverage plans to help you offset the high cost of home repairs.

Company Overview

Select Home Warranty has been in operation since 2012. The company offers three home warranty options to homeowners, plus optional coverage at an additional charge. Real estate plans are also available. Coverage can be a yearly (12-month) term, but multiple-year options are also available. The home warranty from Select covers single-family homes, mobile homes, rental properties, condos, and multiple units. Coverage is available in most states (no coverage is available to residents of California, Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin).

Homeowner Plans

Gold Care Platinum Care Bronze Care Optional Coverage
AC, Cooling AC, Cooling Clothes Washer Pool
Heating System Heating System Garbage Disposal Central Vacuum
Plumbing System Plumbing System Refrigerator Sump Pump
Electrical System Electrical System Stove/Oven Well Pump
Water Heater Water Heater Microwave Oven (Built - In) Roof Leak
Ductwork Ductwork Cooktop Stand Alone Freezer
  Plumbing Stoppage Dishwasher Lawn Sprinkler System
  Clothes Washer Clothes Dryer Septic System
  Garbage Disposal    
  Microwave Oven (Built - In)    
  Clothes Dryer    
  Garage Door Opener    
  Ceiling Fan    

Real Estate Plans

Select Home Warranty offers home warranty plans for real estate professionals. No online quoting or pricing is available for real estate plans. You must call 855-267-3532 to obtain a quote or complete the online inquiry into real estate home warranty plans and wait for a representative to call you back.

Our Expert Janet Says

Coverage can be a yearly (12-month) term, but multiple-year options are also available. The home warranty from Select covers single-family homes, mobile homes, rental properties, condos, and multiple units.

Exclusions (Obtained from downloadable sample contract)

  • Solar or tankless water heating systems, leaks, and pumps
  • Water softeners, slab leaks, polybutylene pipes
  • Plumbing stoppages caused by a collapsed, damaged or broken drain, vent or sewer lines outside the confines of the main foundation of the home. Stoppages due to roots or foreign objects.
  • Solar heating systems or zone systems or wall and their components: air cleaners; humidifiers; flues; coils; heat exchanger; geothermal heating/cooling units; pumps
  • These electrical system components are excluded: crushed ductwork and improperly sized ductwork/duct system
  • Air conditioning components excluded: window; wall; portable air conditioning units; freon; geothermal system; air filtration system; humidifiers; condensation leaks; mismatched systems; freon leaks; damaged caused by a freon leak
  • Garage door components excluded: garage doors; springs; brackets; tracks; rails
  • Ceiling fan lights
  • Excluded from roof leak coverage: patios; metal roofs; shingles; cracked or missing material; tiles; tar and gravel; flat or built-up roofs; structural leaks; gutters; downspouts; skylights; flashing; solar components; attic vents; satellite components; antennae; chimney components; repairs requiring partial or complete replacement of the roof
  • Pool/spa equipment exclusions: portable pools; spas or hot tubs; computerized control boards; heat pumps; leaks
  • Well pump exclusions: holding and storage tanks; piping or electrical lines; booster pumps
  • Sump pump exclusions: portable pumps; sewer ejector pumps
  • Central vacuum exclusion: clogged pipes
  • Second refrigerator exclusion: sealed system
  • Stand-alone freezer exclusion: sealed system
  • Lawn sprinkler exclusions: lack or water press; damage due to freezing; heads
  • Septic system exclusions: tile fields and leach beds; leach lines; lateral lines; insufficient capacity; clean out; pumping
  • Refrigerator ice maker exclusions: stand-alone ice maker; dispenser; valves; water line
  • Any system repair services related to hazardous or toxic material including, but not limited to, acids, asbestos, lead and lead based products, red-tagged units, gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and any other hazardous contaminants
  • Damage caused by a previous repair, improper installation, improper wiring, inadequate or lack of capacity, power failure, power surges, overloads, missing parts, improper maintenance, corrosion, rust, sediment, modifications to the system or appliance
  • Repairs required as a result of Acts of Nature
  • Foundation or structural repairs
  • Manufacturer’s defects
  • Removal/disposal of system or appliance or waste debris associated with repairs or replacement
  • Repairs which violate local/state or federal government laws, rules, codes or regulations

Consider the age of the roof and when you will likely replace it when considering adding on roof leak coverage. If you plan on replacing it soon, chances are this is money you can save.

Payout Caps/Limitations

With Select Home Warranty’s plans, you are required to provide yearly maintenance and cleaning for your covered items and the company may request three years prior maintenance records. If you do not have those records, the payout per appliance/home system is capped at $150. The following caps also apply: HVAC system cap is $2,000; the appliance cap is $500 (with proof of proper maintenance); and if you select freon coverage, the cap is $250. For additional coverage options, the repair or replacement allowance is $400.

Repair Time

Repair technicians are dispatched to provide repair services within two days after you make a claim or four days on holidays/weekends. 

 If your claim requires two or more types of service technicians to repair the trade service fee may need to be paid for each provider.

Customer Service/Claims

To submit a claim, you can use the online claim form 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, or e-mail To apply for a warranty, you can get a quote online or call the customer service line, 1-855-267-3532. For general questions, you may call the customer service line or email Select Home Warranty may not pay your claim if you don’t report the service request before having repairs completed. To be eligible for payment, a claim must be made within three days of the discovery of the malfunctioning appliance/home system.

BBB Rating

Select Home Warranty is not BBB accredited but it does have a “B” rating on the company’s BBB profile page. Based on over 1,000 customer reviews and more than 3,000 complaints, the company has a 1-out-of-5-star rating. The company encourages its clients to try and resolve any complaints with the company by calling 1-855-267-3532 before filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


The services fee depends on the plan you choose. Select Home Warranty offers free roof leak coverage for two months upon signing up. The pricing after the initial trial period varies by state. We compared plan prices from several states and the monthly per state is the same no matter where you live. Optional add-ons also cost the same in every state where coverage is offered. If you choose to pay annually, you receive two months of free service.

Plan Monthly Cost in All States
Gold Care $36
Platinum Care $42
Bronze Care $36
Optional Coverage Monthly Cost in All States
Pool $8.33
Central Vacuum $3.33
Sump Pump $3.33
Well Pump $3.33
Roof Leak $0 for first few months; after initial sign-up period, price varies by state
Stand Alone Freezer $3.33
Lawn Sprinkler System $5.83
Septic System $5.83

The Competition: Select Home Warranty vs. Landmark Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty and Landmark Home Warranty both offer multiple plans for homeowners along with additional coverage options and coverage for real estate professionals. Select offers coverage across the U.S. with the exception of California, Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin while Landmark only covers six states (Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah). Select’s Plan pricing is $400 to $600 yearly and Landmark’s plan pricing is $500 to $700 yearly. Select has a better guarantee of 90 days whereas Landmark only offers a 30-day guarantee on service work. Landmark has a better BBB rating of “A” while Select Home Warranty only has a “B” rating. 

Final Verdict

Select Home Warranty has some attractive sign-up discounts including two months free if you pay on the yearly plan and free roof leak repair for the first few months. The company’s repair work is guaranteed for 90 days which is among the best service work guarantees in the industry. All in all, it is a good option to consider when searching for home repair coverage since it covers most of the U.S. and has a pretty stomachable service fee.


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