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Security Guard Salaries

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Are you interested in a job as a security guard? Here’s information on security guard jobs, including education and training requirements, salary information, a job description, and typical employers.

Security Guard Job Descriptions

Security guards oversee the enforcement of laws within the premises of their employer or client and protect the property of their employers. They screen visitors and sometimes operate imaging equipment that can detect weapons.

Security Guards detain individuals who have committed infractions until the police arrive. They may interview witnesses to gather information for the authorities. Security Guards sometimes provide testimony in court when they have witnessed crimes. They complete reports to document incidents.

Security guards are employed by hospitals, schools, colleges, airports, casinos, power companies and other corporations. Many work for private security firms who are contracted by other organizations.

Education and Training

Most often security guards will be hired with a high school degree. Some organizations prefer candidates with an Associate’s degree in an area like criminal justice or police science.  Security guards with some college education or prior experience with law enforcement will have the best chance to take on leadership positions within the security industry. Thorough background checks are conducted with candidates for security guard positions, given the sensitive nature of the work.

Some states require training prior to employment, once guards are hired and /or continuing education each year.  Training might include topics like crisis intervention, documenting incidents, first aid, and company protocols.  Guards who carry firearms receive more extensive preparation for handling weapons appropriately.


Security Guard Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards earned an average of $24,410 in 2014. The bottom 10% of security guards earned less than $17,720 while the top 10% earned at least $44,200.

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