Scholarships for Nursing Students

Five Nursing Scholarships Every Nursing Student Should Know About

If a nursing degree is your goal, but seems like it might be out of reach financially, you have to be aware of every opportunity that comes along to help pay for your schooling. For many students planning in college, this should be your scholarship mantra: “Apply early and apply often! Hunt for Scholarships!”

Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes. Some are small while some can be quite impressive, but even a small amount can have a big impact on your expenses. Some are highly targeted, while others are open to everybody. Start by letting everybody know that you are interested in scholarships. There might be some community organizations, religious denominations, scholarships from employers, or opportunities to find support based on the field you intend to pursue. 

With the cost of college rising every year, students need to pay more attention to getting their college scholarship applications filled out. In today’s economy, very few students can get through college without some type of student loan or financial support.  Without the help of a scholarship, the cost of college can be a huge burden to parents or to students if they have to resort to student loans that will need to be repaid.  

Remember: apply to every eligible scholarship.  It's a numbers game and even among the most accomplished students, luck is a factor. Don't ignore the small stuff. 

Here are five nursing scholarships that are worth a few minutes of every nursing student's time:

CHANCES Scholarship - Children's Health Care of Atlanta - $16,000 per year

This scholarship pays up $16,000 per year for up to two years - $32,000 total!

To qualify, you must have a 3.00 GPA and be interested in pediatric nursing.

OPPORTUNITIES Scholarship - Children's Health Care of Atlanta - $10,000 per year

Offered by the same organization as the CHANCES scholarship above, this nursing scholarship is for students who are bilingual and interested in pediatric nursing. This is a four-year scholarship!

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) - Multiple scholarships from $500 - $1,000

The Daughters of the American Revolution offer multiple nursing scholarships. They're scattered among the other scholarships offered on the organization's main page, but it looks like they sure enjoy giving scholarships for nursing!

Clinique Nursing Scholarship Program - $6,000

This scholarship requires a 3.50 GPA and a commitment to become a part-time representative for Clinique.

The National Student Nurses' Association - $2,000

For nursing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The National Student Nurses' Association


The number and variety of scholarships available today is almost staggering. There are several options for those in financial need (which include the federal Pell Grants), but many universities, corporations and various organizations also offer merit- or academic-based scholarships.

Some students think that they should only apply for the big-ticket scholarships, but that is simply untrue. Any student can apply for - and be awarded - many scholarships. And it’s important to note that not all scholarships require you to have a financial need or an exceptionally high grade point average. While it is certainly important to read the eligibility requirements before completing the application, there are many scholarships available to just about anyone.

The bottom line is to apply early and often! Fill out as many college scholarship applications as you can find, and when you've done that, find some more. The cost of college is not decreasing, and you will need the financial help; hopefully you’ll be able to graduate from college debt-free! 

College costs aren't limited to just tuition. You need to consider room and board, books, meals, transportation and more. Scholarships can help reduce the cost of the college immensely. Good Luck!