Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions

Your neighbor could be paying half what you're paying for the newspaper. Use these tips to save more on your subscription:

Ask for a Better Deal

If you're paying more for your subscription than you'd like to be, call the newspaper up and ask for a better rate. It's often that simple.

Purchase a Longer Subscription

Short-term subscribers typically pay the highest subscription rates. Renew your subscription for a year at a time, and you could easily shave 20% (or more) off of your bill.

Paper Hop

The best rates (think: half off) go to new subscribers. If you aren't picky about which newspaper you receive, switch to a different paper each time your newbie discount runs out.

Good to Know: Most papers consider anyone who hasn't subscribed in the last six months to be a new subscriber.

Right-Size Your Subscription

If you don't have time to read the paper during the week, or you're only interested in content that comes in the weekend paper, save yourself some cash (and avoid paper pile up) by purchasing a weekend or Sunday-only subscription.

Get an Online Subscription

Trade in your paper subscription for an electronic subscription. You'll get the same news stories at a fraction of the cost and without the daily trek to the curb.

Buy from a Newspaper Discounter

Before you jump on a subscription offer, check to see if they have a better deal. Sometimes they will; sometimes they won't; but it's always worth a look.