Save Money on Fast Food With Burger King App Features

Get coupons, pay with your phone thanks to this clever app.

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If you're a fan of the drive-through -- or even if you just partake in fast food when you're on road trips -- you are probably always seeking ways to lower your fast food budget. We have previously profiled the deals you can get using the McDonald's app, but you should also know about the discounts and offers available from Burger King's phone app, which is free for Android and iOS.

Start With Coupons

When you first launch the Burger King app, you'll have several options that you can select. First, tap the "Offers" icon, which will show you the current deals. As you can see in the photo above, there were two deals today -- one for any size drink for $1.00, and the other for a buy-one, get-one-free chicken sandwich. If you tap "Redeem" on the offers, it will ask you to create a free account, and then will show you the redemption screen, which is simply a code to tell the cashier so you can get your discounted item.

After you've perused the coupons, you should check out the "Rewards" feature of the app. The system works much like any rewards program -- as you spend money using your rewards account, you'll collect points (or "Crowns" in this case), which you can later redeem for free food. For instance, if you get 25 BK Crowns, you can have any small drink, and 50 Crowns will get you any menu item.

When you spend your first $5.00 at BK, you'll unlock 50 Crowns to get you started, so just spending $5.00 essentially gets you another free menu item of your choice.

To earn crowns, you'll tap "Earn BK Crowns" in the app and then a code will be shown on your phone. Give that code to the cashier and when you spend money, the Crowns will be added to your account.

Stock A Mobile Wallet

In addition to earning Crowns by purchasing items at Burger King, you can also earn them by paying with your mobile wallet, which you can access on the app. Once you activate it, you can load funds directly to your virtual gift card, and then pay using the app. Each time you pay for your food using the app, you'll get 20% more BK Crowns than you would have if you'd just paid with cash or a debit card. If you happen to have a Burger King gift card that someone gave to you, you can load it onto the app so you can still get the benefits and earn additional Crowns.

Other features of the Burger King app include a way to find the nearest BK to you at any given time, and a way to track your activity at the company's restaurants.

In addition to the app, Burger King offers other ways for you to save. For instance, the company can send coupons to your phone if you are part of its text club. To join the Burger King text program, text the word BK7 to 40814. Or, you can opt in for company texts when you register on the app for the first time. You'll get up to ten messages per month to your phone that allows you to save money on your Burger King purchases.