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Sandra Grauschopf, Sweepstakes Expert. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf.

Sandra Grauschopf is a passionate sweeper with thousands of dollars worth of prize wins to her name. She has been writing and sharing advice about contests & sweepstakes on the web for more than nine years, and she loves nothing more than helping people uncover the fun, excitement, and camaraderie of the sweepstakes hobby.


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I am always happy to participate in interviews or radio or television appearances. Email Sandra for interviews, book reviews, and other commentary about sweepstakes and their benefits for consumers and for businesses.


Sandra Grauschopf has been working in the contest industry since 2002. She is a passionate sweeper who is actively involved in the sweepstakes community, and she has managed a sweepstakes website and a contests forum as well as being the Contests and Sweepstakes Expert for and for The Balance.

Sandra Grauschopf

From the moment I received my first prize win I've been hooked on sweepstakes! My years of experience as a passionate sweeper and as a professional writer have taught me how to present the information you need to know about sweepstakes and contests so that it's simple, clear, and accessible to beginners and experienced sweepers alike. I'm looking forward to showing you the smartest and most efficient ways to enter contests and sweepstakes and helping you win fabulous sweepstakes prizes!


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