Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Real Estate

My Galaxy Note 3 for Real Estate

 I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for a little over a month now, and I love it.  In this step-by-step I'm not going to give you specific instructions, but I will show you a few of the apps I'm using that make it much easier to conduct my business on the go.

A little about the Note 3 first:

  • 32 GB internal memory
  • I added a 64 GB SD Card
  • Currently using or evaluating 98 apps for both business and personal use
  • I use the SPen for taking notes, writing texts and short emails, and taking screen shots as seen in this article

Let's move along to some of the apps and how they help me in my business.

MLS On the Go

Mobile MLS App
Mobile MLS. Screen Shot

The ability to access the MLS in the field is really valuable.  However, you will have to see if your MLS service offers a mobile app.  I use FNIS Paragon and their app main screen is shown in the image.  I can do much of what I do on the desktop, though it's slower on the small device.

I actually use this app more when I'm driving around or on MLS tours.  I can check the details on a listing that I drive by in checking out neighborhoods.

HDR Photos for Real Estate

Android HDR Photo Apps
HDR Photo Apps. Screen Shot

 The image shows the icons for two HDR photo apps I use a lot.  I've used HDR Camera+ for a while now and it's a very good app.  However, I've been testing A Better Camera, and it just may replace the other app as my favorite.

If you list homes and use your phone as a camera, you need one of these apps.  I love my 12 MP camera and use it for everything.  With a decent resolution and one of these apps, HDR photos are created for you from three exposures.  Suddenly you're not seeing those "blown-out" windows or dark areas you can't figure out.  HDR, High Dynamic Range, photography is the answer.

Mortgage Calculator App

Mortgage Calculator App
Mortgage Calculator App. Screen Shot

 Gone are the days when we had to carry around a phone, a computer and a hand-held calculator to do business.  This is just one of several very useful mortgage calculator apps.

Documents, Sheets and Presentations

OfficeSuite for Documents
OfficeSuite 7 Apps. Screen Shot

Have all of your documents with you on the go.  You can work with spreadsheets and PDF documents as well.  If you build a presentation, you can run it on the screen.  It's a great way to demo your listings or make a listing presentation.  There are several apps, but I like OfficeSuite.  In conjunction with Google Drive, I have all of my documents available everywhere I go.

Google Drive Mobile App

Android Google Drive
Android Google Drive. Screen Shot

I have access to all of my documents, images and other files anywhere I go by using the Google Drive app on my Galaxy Note 3.  I can download and edit, or create and upload a new document to make it available to my other computers or even share it with others.

Android GPS and Mapping for Real Estate

Map and GPS Apps
Map and GPS Apps. Screen Shot

Using my Google Maps app and other GPS apps I can track my trips, create maps and share my location with others.  When we say real estate is all about location, it's clear that mapping and GPS are important.

Printing Wirelessly with PrinterShare

PrinterShare App
PrinterShare App. Screen Shot

Using the PrinterShare App, I can print through wireless to my wireless printers.  It's easy to print out a document I've created on the go on my Android phone.

Those are the highlights, but you can really find a lot more productivity apps in the Play Store.