Sample Thank You Notes and Email Messages

Examples and Tips for Saying Thank You

You have a lot of contacts who offer assistance to you during your career, especially when you are going through a job search. There are people that let you know about job openings, write recommendations, help you network, interview you for open positions, and more. Be sure to thank those people who help you along the way. Not only is this polite, but it helps you stay in touch with all of your contacts.

When you need to say thank you, it's important to choose the right words. It’s also important to send your message in the right format. Often, the best format is email. It’s fast, and most people expect business correspondence to be emailed. Sometimes though, you’ll want to send an appropriate card with a handwritten note. Other times, you will send a formal business letter.

Sample thank you letters can help you write your own notes and emails. Read below for sample thank you letters in a variety of formats, for a variety of circumstances. Also read below for tips on how to write the best thank you notes.

Appreciation Thank You Note Samples

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When you are job searching, as well as at other times during your career, there are many people you’ll want to express your appreciation to. The people in your network offer you contacts, advice, references, recommendations, and moral support. It is important to say thanks.

Here are sample appreciation notes and email messages to send to contacts who have provided assistance to you.   More

Business Thank You Note Samples

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There are many reasons to thank someone you know through business. You might need to thank colleagues, employees, managers, clients, vendors, or other business professionals.

Read here for information on what to say to your business contacts when expressing your thanks. Also read here for business thank you note examples.  More

Email Thank You Note Samples

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Sending a thank you note in a timely manner is easy when you send it by email. Given our expectations for instant gratification, sending thank you notes by email makes the most sense in many circumstances. After a job interview, or when someone has given you career assistance, you’ll want to express your thanks right away.

Here you’ll find email thank you message examples for a variety of employment-related situations. More

Employee Thank You Note Samples

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Want to send a thank you note to a colleague or employee who has done a great job? Here are examples of employee thank you letters to send to someone who has done a good job, whether it’s to an employee, team member, colleague, or to someone else in the workplace that you wish to thank for their assistance or performance. More

Interview Thank You Note Samples

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The most important thing you can do after a job interview is to send a note that reiterates your interest in the position and your qualifications, and that thanks the interviewer for his or her time.   

Here are job interview thank you letter samples. Take some time to revise the thank you letter you choose so that it reflects your personality and your interest in the specific job. 

Also think carefully about whether you want to send a thank you email or a physical card or letter. If you know the hiring manager is making a decision soon, email is probably your best bet. However, if you have more time, a handwritten note always shows thoughtfulness. More

The Best Ways to Say Thank You

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Not sure how to say thank you? There are so many people who help you during a job search and at many times during your career. Here are tips on who to thank and how to say thank you, including tips for writing thank you letters, sample letters, and advice on when to send handwritten thank you notes verses thank you cards versus thank you emails. More

Phrases to Say Thank You

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There are a hundred different ways to say “thank you.” When you're writing a thank you note, it's important to choose a phrase that fits the reasons that you are saying thank you. You’ll want to tailor your thank you note to the circumstances.

Check out this list of phrases to find the best way to say “thank you” for your particular situation.  More

Thank You Note Starters

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Sometimes, it’s hard to know how to begin a thank you note. You want to catch the reader’s attention, and highlight the points you will make in your note.

Writing a thank you note shouldn’t be complicated, but the note also shouldn't be boring. Here are some opening lines for a variety of business thank you notes. Read through these, and consider using one that best fits your situation. Be sure to edit the lines to fit your personal circumstances. More