Sample Thank You Letter for Providing an Introduction

Thank a Friend Who Made a Referral for a Job Opportunity

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Have you written a thank you letter to a friend who introduced you to a potential employer or mentor? When you are searching for a new job, having connections who provide introductions or referral letters is extremely valuable. An introduction is the first step towards expanding the pool who know you and, hopefully, like you.

Follow up with a letter or email to say thank you for an introduction. It doesn't have to be lengthy.

Taking the time to show appreciation may lead to further referrals.

Sample Thank You Letter for an Introduction

Edit this letter with details that fit your personal situation.

Dear Bryan,

Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Lindsay Weston of ABC Marketing, Inc. We spoke on the phone last week, and she gave me some great advice on how to best market myself when applying for entry-level marketing positions.

I continue to look for that perfect job opportunity, so if any other leads come your way, please pass them along.

Thank you so much for your help, and please let me know if I can return the favor!


Firstname Lastname

Thank You Letter Writing Tips

You may have been disappointed that the introduction didn't produce any job leads. That is understandable. But consider that introductions lead to further introductions. You need to thank the person who made the referral, so they are prompted to think of further referrals.

You may also be surprised when the contact you made leads to opportunities further down the line. Be sure to send a thank you to the person you were introduced to and keep your chain of contacts growing.

For example, Jacob introduces you to Sunita, who is a manager at a tech firm where you are interested in a position.

You have a good conversation with Sunita about careers at her company, but there are no openings that fit your skill set at this time. You must write or email Jack to thank him for making the introduction. His next introduction may be to a manager who has an opening for which you are qualified. He might not have made the connection without the thank-you note.

Weeks later, Sunita may hear of an opening in another branch of her company that is a good fit for you, and contact you. Your thank you note to her, with your contact information, could have been the trigger to keep you in mind. It is also one more opportunity to ensure she knows how to reach you.

Be sure to write a second thank you to Jack when the introduction he made produces a result. This will ensure he remains a good source of referrals for future opportunities.

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