Sample Thank You Emails

Want Quick Sample Thank You Emails to Use as Templates for Your Own?

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Thank you emails don't have to be long and involved. They just need to follow the guidelines for effective employee recognition so that they have maximum impact. Quick emails that thank an employee or coworker are treasured and make the recipient feel good. Here are several sample thank you emails that you can use as templates for when you write your own.

Sample Quick Thank You Emails

1. Thank You Email After Training

In this email, the employee is thanking his supervisor for the opportunity she provided for Dan to attend training.

Hi Margaret,

Just a quick note to thank you for the opportunity to attend the training session on dealing with conflict. As a fairly conflict-averse person, I thought the training would help me become better at participating in legitimate and necessary conflict. It did.

I'll have to see how well what I learned will transfer back to the job, but I'm confident the training helped me a lot. So, again, thank you. Without your support, I would have been unable to attend.

Many thanks,


2. Thank You Email Template for an Everyday Job Done Well

In this thank you email, please note that the manager is specific about what she is thanking him for doing.

Dear Tom,

Just wanted you to know that I thought you did a terrific job on updating the customer service database. Now that we have returning callers identified, we are building relationships with customers.

This sure beats treating return customers as if we don't know who they are. Again, great job. We really appreciate your efforts—as do the customers.

Thank you.


3. Thank You Email From Supervisor About Filling In for a Coworker

This email thanks Marty for helping with coverage for Julia's staff while she was on leave and mentions several positive outcomes from the coverage.

It also specifically passes the baton back to Julia starting on the day that she returns.

Hey Marty,

Thank you for covering for Julia while she was out on maternity leave. Her staff appreciated that they had you to go to for questions and support. They said they got some new ideas, too, by learning how your sales group approaches potential customers.

Now that Julia is returning from leave, I hope that you spend a couple of days with her to update her about anything important that occurred during the past twelve weeks. She'll be returning part-time for the first few weeks, but her staff will report to her once again as soon as she returns.

I trust that you will make this transition as smooth for everyone as you did when you took over Julia's staff leadership while she was on leave. Again, I can't express how much the organization appreciates your efforts on our behalf.



4. Thank You Email With Reward

This thank you email is specific and it notes several contributions that Paula made. Most importantly, it rewards Paula with a day off.

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your help in hosting our first ever weekend training sessions. Without our staff volunteers, the training department would never have been able to pull off such a great event for our customers and friends.

You were one of the volunteers who took registrations in the morning and stayed late to also clean up after dinner. On top of that, you participated in the sessions. I hope you enjoyed the weekend and learned. You certainly put in a fantastic effort on our company's behalf.

It's tough to tell busy, dedicated employees to skip work, but if you'd like to take a day to recuperate this week, please do, at no charge to your PTO bank. You need the chance to get everything done that volunteering your weekend prevented you from doing, I am sure.

Once again, sincere thanks. We could not have pulled this off without you.

Best Regards,


5. Thank You Email From Coworker

This is a very nice note and a good example of the kind of thank you letters that coworkers are encouraged to send to each other. 

Hi Larry,

Once again, a great time was had by all at the ballgame. I can't believe that you have the energy to set up this event for 100 people each year. Just getting a date, tickets for everyone, and the busses for the game is mind boggling.

I must admit that I will continue to attend every year as long as it is such great fun. It also helps that you do the work, so I don't have to...

Again, Larry, thank you for another great time. I hope you feel the love from enough of us that you decide to put the trip together again next year. I'll be there.


6. Thank You Email for Running a Meeting

This note comes from either the manager of the team or a coworker who is the team leader. It's another good example of the type of note that probably made Beth's day.

Dear Beth,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your filling in for me at today's marketing meeting. The group could not afford to lose a week if we plan to have the campaign ready for launch. The product appears to be on schedule, which makes our timely preparation even more critical.

I can't believe that my daycare closed because of the weather on the day of the most important meeting this month. But, thanks to you, we are still on target. I also appreciate the minutes that Cheryl forwarded. Looks like you had a most productive meeting and the notes kept me in the loop.

Once again, thank you for jumping in so effectively at the last minute and doing a great job.



Conclusion About Thank You Emails

Thank you emails don't require a lot of effort or time, but they are appreciated by employees and coworkers. Create a work culture that encourages people to thank employees more often—not less. The written recognition in thank you emails is cherished and remembered.

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