Sample Restaurant Comment Card

List of criteria to make your own restaurant comment card

Focus on great food and service at your restaurant
Ask for feedback about your menu to improve service. Tookapic via Pixabay

An ongoing part of managing your restaurant should be listening to customer feedback on a regular basis. There are many ways to do this - face-to-face conversations, through social media, through your staff, and the most tried and true method - the customer comment card. 

Comment cards are an opportunity for customers to both praise your restaurant and make suggestions. They offer instant feedback about customer service, menu selections, food preperation, cleaniness, and the general atmosphere of your restaurant.

While you will receive criticism, many restaurant staff will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive feedback customers leave on comment cards.

You can adapt this restaurant comment card to suit your particular restaurant concept and customer base. Be sure to add space for customers name, address and email. You can choose to distribute comment cards with every meal, every shift or distribute them periodically. You can also offer a comment card digitally on your website or through your Facebook page, using such services as Survey Monkey. However, paper and pen is still a good way to grab customer feeback while it's still fresh. How many times have you been given an address to online survey with a shopping reciept? How many times have acutally filled out the survey? Offering an easy and quick way to give feedback, through a comment card will increase your response rate and give you meaningful data to work with to make improvements.


Sample Questions for a Restaurant Comment Card

Lease rate the following areas on a scale of:
1 unacceptable
2 needs improvement
3 fair
4 good
5 Excellent

Your server:


Dining room
Waiting area

Variety Description

Other questions to include:

What did you order today?

How often do you dine with us?
o First time
o 1-4 times a year
o 1-2 times a month
o Once a week or more

Would you like to be on our mailing list?

Please add any other comments that will help us improve your dining experience.

Comment cards should be printed on good quality paper and feature your restaurant logo and mailing address, on the off chance that a patron wants to take the card home and fill it out and mail it back. To further increase customer feedback, you can offer prizes or gift certificates as ​incentive. If a customer fills out a card and adds their name and email address, they ​be entered to win [insert fabulous prize here]. This is also a good way to increase your mailing list for other promotional activities. 

If you've put off collecting customer feedback, it's time to get started. You may find areas that need fixiing, but you will also find out what is working really well. Be sure to take time to celebrate those successes with your staff and tell them thank you!