How to Build a Professional Online Presence

Examples of Professional Profiles for Your Career

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When you're looking for a job or moving up the career ladder, it's important to have an online presence where you can showcase your skills and experience. When you're consistent across sites, using the same themes and photos, you will be able to create a strong personal - and professional - brand.

Review these examples of profiles to get ideas for building your own professional presence on social media.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

 LinkedIn is "the" site for professional networking. Recruiters actively use it to source candidates and it's the best resource for building and managing your career network. Update your profile frequently, include your employment history, education, skills and examples of projects you've worked on.

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Personal Website

personal website
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 A personal website is an ideal way to feature your credentials. You can provide information on what you have to offer an employer, link to your online social profiles, and share your contact details with prospective employers and networking contacts.

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Professional Facebook Page

Facebook Profile

Creating a Facebook page is a way to differentiate the professional from the personal you. Set up a page to share your expertise, industry news and current events with others. Keep your family, friends and photos on your personal page and be careful about the privacy settings, so you don't inadvertently share too much information with employers.

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Twitter Profile

Twitter. Twitter

Twitter is a terrific way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Tweet about what's happening in your industry - news, events and advice. Also be sure to retweet advice from industry leaders. 

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Pinterest is a great way to impress your connections and prospective employers. Pinterest shows hiring managers that you are on top of and engaged with what's happening online and you can highlight your resume and your professional work.

Once you have set up Pinterest, you can add a link to your page from your LinkedIn and other online profiles, websites and blogs.

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