Sample Internal Employment Application

Internal Job Application Procedure Explained

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These directions provide guidance for employees who wish to apply for internal jobs within your organization. They accompany the two-part internal job application, pages two and three of this feature. Please feel free to use and/or modify the format to meet your organization's needs.

Internal Job Application

(Your Organization Name) is dedicated to assisting employees to reach their professional goals through internal promotion and transfer opportunities.

One of the tools the company makes available to employees in managing their career is (your organization) internal job posting. This procedure enables current employees to apply for any available position either before or at the same time the position is advertised outside of the company.

Internal job opportunities are regularly posted on the "Career Opportunities" bulletin board on the right side of the lunchroom. Job openings are also posted on the “General Information” board by the time clocks.

To apply for an opening:

Step 1: Ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • You are a current, regular full- or part-time (your company) employee.
  • You have been in your current position for at least six months. (Exceptions to this six-month requirement can be made by your current supervisor and should be consistent with company business needs.)
  • Your performance meets performance development plan (PDP) standards or established work standards in your current position.
  • You have not had an employee counseling or corrective action within six months. You are not following a performance improvement plan for your current position.
  • You meet the qualifications listed for the position on the job posting.

Step 2: Complete an Internal Job Application form.

Applications are available from Human Resources, the reception area of the front office and in the form bins on the right wall of the lunchroom.

Attach your resume, if you have one, to the completed application.

Step 3: Submit the Internal Job Application to your supervisor for approval.

Step 4: Submit your completed and approved Internal Job Application to HR.

Step 5: Candidates who are qualified will participate in an initial interview with the supervisor of the position if they have not interviewed with that particular supervisor within the past six months. Finalists will participate in two additional interviews, with an HR representative and with an internal customer of the position or a manager. The selected person will be notified by the supervisor of the position.

Internal Job Application Form

Posted Position: _________________

Today’s Date: ____________________

Name: ______________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Date of Hire: _____________________ Current Position: _________________

Work Phone: ____________________Time in Current Position: _____________

Home Phone: ___________________ Cell Phone: ________________________

Please describe your qualifications (your background and experience) that make you a good candidate for this position.

(Use the back if you need more space.)


Describe your educational background including majors, minors and areas of special interest or study.


Highest Degree Earned: ________________School: _____________________

List work-related training and certifications.


Why do you wish to change positions?


Supervisor Signoff: ________________________Date: _____________________

Application Self-Identification Form

Internal Job Application Form

Providing this information is strictly voluntary on your part, and is not required to complete your Application for Employment. Nor, will providing the information or not providing the information affect your application.

Federal government regulations require (organization name) to maintain records of job applicants by gender and race. Additionally, we collect this information to ensure that we are monitoring our own success in encouraging diverse applicants.

Please assist us by providing the requested information. Providing this information is strictly voluntary on your part, and is not required to complete your Application for Employment.

Female_______ Male_______

1. _______African-American/Black (not of Hispanic origin)

2. _______Asian or Pacific Islander (includes Indian Subcontinent)

3. _______American Indian or Alaskan Native

4. _______Hispanic/Latino (Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race)

5. _______White (persons not of Hispanic origin, having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East)

6. Race not included above

Please specify_______________________________________

Are you multi-racial or multi-ethnic (parents from two or more of the above listed groups)?

Yes______ No______

If yes, please specify ________________________________________________________

Thank you for your assistance.

Internal Job Application Procedure Instructions

Internal Job Application Form