Sample Cover Letter for a Marketing / Writing Position

How to Grab a Hiring Manager's Attention

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According to the article "The Cover Letters That Make Hiring Managers Smile," there are three essential elements to include in your letter that will capture attention: Describing why you're going to excel at the job; communicating that you're incredibly likable; and indicating that you are a good fit for the work environment. Achieve that and there's a good chance to can land the job.

Additionally, your cover letter should:

  • Detail why specifically you're interested in the job: Make the company feel special and demonstrate your knowledge of their company within the industry.
  • Demonstrate what you can deliver starting day one: Make it instantly clear that you can bring the goods and hit the ground running.
  • Tell a story that's not on your resume: Be personal, relatable and unique.


Cover Letter Sample Marketing / Writing

Here's a sample cover letter for a job that combines marketing and writing:

Dear Mr. Smith:

The job listing posted on for a Production Editor-Proofreader caught my attention. I am confident my experience fulfilling directives of marketing projects and ability to produce high-quality written material on deadline provide would be valuable to your Sales Intelligence team.

I am currently working toward earning my bachelor degree in English/Professional Writing. Last year I completed an associate degree program in business administration, graduating with honors and a 3.75 GPA. My current GPA stands at 4.0. Since my education is online, grades are based on written communication.

During the past eighteen months I have produced close to 100 projects, including essays, reports, proposals, letters, emails, charts, graphs, tables, discussion board postings and PowerPoint presentations. My Associate's degree in business actually contributed to enhancing my writing abilities. In addition, by going back to school after first working in business, I bring practical skills and appreciable experience from the job world with tangible accomplishments and aptitudes.

Your job listing indicates you're seeking someone with a sharp eye for detail to help facilitate the production flow of client deliverables. My extensive experience with print media helped me to sharpen my eye by proofreading countless materials prior to going to press. My 3+ years spent in the insurance field added to my attention to detail. I analyzed, reviewed and processed group insurance documents and applications, making sure all components were present and complete to comply with insurance regulations and laws. There was no room for errors. With over 10 years of history working with promotional projects, my primary responsibility and objective was simple - to satisfy the client. My was job to figure out how.

My work has instilled me with resourcefulness, insight, integrity and accountability. I hope we can meet so I can share some demonstrable examples of my skills and explore the contributions I could bring to a management position. Please contact me at or 312-550-1111 to arrange a time. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration for this position.


Jane Doe


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