Sample Cover Letter for Internship in Government

A Sample Cover Letter for Students Interested in Government

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The below cover letter is an example of what could be written when applying for a position in a government-related field. You’ll note the professional greeting (when you don’t have the hiring manager’s name), the introductory paragraph clearly stating what you are applying for, a paragraph that connects what they are looking for directly to the skills you possess, and finally a third paragraph that really highlights your expertise in the specific field.

You end with a brief closing line and professional signature. Good luck!

Sample Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I would like to express my enthusiasm in applying for the position as legislative intern at the New York Civil Liberties Union recently posted in The New York Times. As a prospective May 2018 graduate from  with considerable writing and administrative experience, and a strong interest in law, public policy, and immigrant rights, I believe I am a strong candidate for the legislative intern position.

The job description states that you are looking for a candidate with a commitment to civil liberties, who has strong communication and interpersonal skills, excellent writing skills, organizational skills and someone who is very detail oriented. As a government major currently involved in writing  on immigration law and as someone who contributes regularly to several blogs focused on government and immigration issues, I have become a proficient and skilled writer.

As an intern for Mayor Jones at the New Brunswick City Court House, I have developed strong interpersonal skills, acquired a basic knowledge of public affairs, and have polished my organizational and administrative skills. As a current intern and assistant to Tom Jones, Legislative Assistant for Attorney Bill Phillips, in New Brunswick, NY, I have further enhanced my quantitative and , editing, writing, and administrative skills.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Jim Smith

Boston College Class of 2018

Government Major

Direct: 555-555-5555

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