Sales Positions Titles

What to Search For When Looking for a Sales Position

For those searching the Internet job boards for sales positions, knowing what to look for and what your search results mean can be a tremendous time saver. Knowing what a job title means can also help save you time by not pursuing positions that don't match with your career desires.

While sales position titles change from time to time, this list is the most commonly used titles that employers use when searching for talent.

Sales Representative

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Probably the most common title used by employers looking to fill a sales position. The title of "sales representative" is about as generic as you can get. It could mean anything from an entry-level position to a more highly compensated position.

Expect to get a ton of results if you use "sales representative" as your search criteria.

Sales Associate

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Though not always the case, sales associates are often those employed in a non-commissioned type position. Those employed in department stores, "big box" retailers, and even in convenience stores often hold the title of "Sales Associate."

Store Manager

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Store manager positions that fall under the broad category of sales careers, means that the position holder will be running the sales and possibly the operations of a retail store. In general, store managers supervise sales associates or associate managers.

In several industries, such as retail sales, a store will have several store managers, each managing either a specific shift or certain department of the store.

Assistant Store Manager

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Don't be surprised if you interview for an Assitant Store Manager position only to find out that the position is more of a training position than a managerial position. Employers do not intentionally use "Store Manager" in their descriptions to confuse job seekers, but instead, understand that all employees are potential managers-in-training.

With very few exceptions, expect that any title that has the term "store" in it, refers to a ​retail sales position. And most likely, you won't be managing anything except your career in a store manager position.

Retail Sales Consultant

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As the name clearly implies, retail sales consultants work in the retail industry and serve customers who come into the store. Many of these positions are salary based only and those employed earn no commission.

Next time you walk into a clothing store, "big box" retailer or department store, expect to be greeted and served by a Retails Sales Consultant.


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Talk about a broad category! Job titles that are only listed as "sales" can mean any number of sales positions. From entry-level to retail sales associates to top-level positions.

Using "sales" as your search criteria will provide very generic results. But for those who are considering giving sales a try, "sales" would be a very productive search term.

Account Executive

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Most often found in outside sales positions, Account Executives are sales professionals who are responsible to sell to either a predetermined list of accounts or to build an account deck by prospecting.

Not all Account Executives are in outside sales positions, however. Many sales professionals working as an Inside Sales Professional are also considered Account Executive.

One thing you can rely on when looking at Account Executive positions is that the position will be a Business to Business (B2B) position as opposed to a Business to Consumer (B2C) position.

Outside Sales Representative

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Another very common and very generic sales job title is "Outside Sales Representative." While it is obvious that those sales professionals in outside sales positions spend most of their sales time out of an office, the title does not distinguish between B2B or B2C sales.

Though not always the case, outside sales reps are not in the retail sales industry and are paid a combination of a base salary and commission.