Safeco Motorcycle Insurance Policy Review

Company Overview

Woman drives on a motorcycle on morning highway

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Customers looking for motorcycle insurance will find Safeco Insurance a good option for affordable coverage from a financially stable insurance company. Safeco Insurance is a part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. All major financial ratings organizations give the Liberty Mutual Group of insurance companies very high ratings. A.M. Best gives Liberty Mutual Group its “A” Excellent rating.

Coverage Options

Chances are, no matter what type of motorcycle you ride, Safeco Insurance provides a motorcycle insurance option for you. Some of the types of bikes covered include scooters, mopeds, cruisers, sport cycles, choppers, dirt bikes, touring bikes and sports cycles. Minimum liability coverage limit requirements vary state by state, so if you are unsure of your state’s requirements, check with your local insurance agent or your state’s department of insurance.

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Bodily injury is the portion of your motorcycle insurance policy that pays for bodily injuries to other parties when you are involved in a motorcycle accident.
  • Guest Passenger Liability: Coverage specifically designed to cover injuries to your guest passenger riding with you on your motorcycle.
  • Property Damage Liability: Property damage pays to repair or replace the other party’s vehicle if you are responsible for the accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This coverage is required in some states. This coverage pays for your injuries or death caused from an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist. It will also pay for any injuries you sustain if you are hit as a pedestrian.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage is for your motorcycle and pays if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized or damaged by anything other than a collision such as fire, flood, wind and collision with an animal or falling object.
  • Collision: This coverage pays to repair your vehicle when you are involved in a motorcycle accident.
  • Medical Payments: Medical payment coverage is an optional coverage you can add to your motorcycle insurance policy that will pay for your medical care and hospital bills as well as those of your guest passenger regardless of fault.

You can also add the optional coverage of custom parts and equipment for up to $20,000 per motorcycle. The first $3,000 for custom parts is at no additional cost to you. Roadside assistance coverage is also available.

Special Policy Features and Programs

  • Safety Apparel Replacement: Up to $1,000 per person to replace any safety apparel lost in a collision including boots, helmet, jacket and gloves. This coverage option is at no extra charge and with no deductible requirement.
  • New Harley Replacement: If you own a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Safeco offers new replacement cost coverage for two years.


There are many discounts available through Safeco Insurance to help you save money on your motorcycle insurance policy. To save even more money, you can increase your deductible or pay your total policy balance early. If you raise your deductible, make sure you have enough money to pay the out-of-pocket expense should you be involved in an accident.

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Discount: If you complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or other approved safety course, you will receive a discount on your motorcycle insurance for three years.
  • Riding Club Discount: Discount for joining one of 24 approved motorcycle riding clubs or associations.
  • Mature Rider: The longer you have been riding, the more discounts you will receive on your motorcycle insurance policy. Discounts are available in increments for riders with one to two years, four years and more than four years’ experience.
  • Garage Discount: If you keep your motorcycle in a locked and secure garage at night, you will receive a discount on your policy.
  • Homeowners Discount: Riders who own their own home will receive a motorcycle insurance policy discount of up to 20%.


  • Financial Stability
  • 24/7 Customer and Claims Service
  • Affordable Insurance Premiums
  • Attractive Discounts and Policy Features


  • Some Customer Complaints of Underpayment of Claims
  • No Coverage for bikes used for Racing or Speed Contests
  • No Coverage for Bikes without Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you would like to learn more about Safeco motorcycle insurance or its other insurance products or to receive a quote on a motorcycle insurance policy, you can visit the Safeco Insurance website, or call 1-800-4-Safeco (800-472-3226).