Running a Home Business While Also Home Schooling

5 Tips to Balancing Home Schooling and Home Business

••• Balance Home Schooling and Home Business. JGI/Jamie Grill | Getty Images

Many parents are turning to home schooling to have greater control over their children’s’ education and experiences. However, in order to home school, one parents needs to be home to provide the education. Since many families can’t afford to have one parent who doesn’t work, starting a part-time home business has become the solution to having income while also keeping a parent home.

But home schooling and running a home business is equally, if not more difficult than trying to raise children while building business.

Difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips and strategies to successfully home schooling and building a home business.

1)  Have a routine. Children in particular do well with routine. Everything goes smoother when everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Set up a routine for your home business, as well as home schooling. For example, you might want to get up two hours before the kids to work. When the kids are up, home school 3 hours, and then go back to work for a bit when the kids are having quiet time. The nice thing about routines is that kids can do them with minimal help. If every day the routine is to get up, brush teeth, eat breakfast and read a chapter of a book, a child can do that with little prompting.

2) Have a plan. Time is wasted if you don’t know what you’re doing. Each time you sit down to work or get the kids settled to start learning, know what you’re going to do.

What activities are you going to do for your business? What lessons are you going to teach? Because home schooling takes time, you’ll be building a home business on a part-time basis, which requires some creative time management. You’ll use your time more effectively and efficiently if you know what needs to be done each time you sit down to do it.

3) Use systems and resources. Whenever possible, utilize resources that will save you time. In your business, scheduling social media is one way to save time. Another option is to hire a virtual assistant to take care of busy tasks, giving you more time with the kids. There are a variety of online educational resources that can engage your children so you can do something else. Tap into the home schooling community in your area for support and resources. Further, you don’t have to be the teacher all the time. Tutors and community education sources can do some of the teaching for you, while you work on your business.

4) Include children in business activities. There is a lot you can teach children while running your business. They can learn problem solving skills, math  and more. You can even hire your children to take care of tasks for you. If your child is good a technology, hire her to work on your website. If you have a mailing, your child can put stamps on the envelope.

5)  Set priorities for when the routine and plan go astray. Schedules, routines and plans help keep chaos at bay, but it’s not fool proof. Children get sick, technology fails, etc. When things get out of whack, stress goes up and the ability to make decisions goes down.

When things start to go wrong, focus on priorities to get the important stuff done. What’s the one thing you can do to make money in your business? What is the most important skill your child needs to master? Don’t worry that other things aren’t getting done. You can get back to them another time.