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Review of Ruby's Diner Members Only Loyalty Freebies, Discounts, Coupons, Deals

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The Ruby's Diner version of a customer loyalty program is really three different rewards, discount, and freebie programs under one umbrella called the Ruby's Diner eClub.  As a member of the Ruby's Diner eClub, loyal Ruby's customers also have the opportunity to participate in the seniors Jitterbug Club and the Kids Club.  Of course, there are age qualifications for both the seniors Jitterbug Club and Kids Club, but Ruby's Diner customers of all ages are welcome to join the restaurant's eClub.


Each Ruby's Diner customer loyalty program encourages repeat visits and rewards customer loyalty with special members-only freebies, discounts, coupons, and deals.  What follows is a review of the details and benefits of all the Ruby's Diner customer loyalty programs.  

How the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty eClub Works:

The Ruby's Diner eClub is the  main customer loyalty program for Ruby's Diner diners.  Although it is not specified exactly what type of benefits a Ruby's Diner eClub member will receive, the promise of "special advantages with each visit" seems to indicate that there will be members-only discounts or specials offered to Ruby's eClub members.

To register for the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty eClub, new members simply need to fill out the form on the Ruby's Diner website.  Since "birth date" is one of the pieces of information required for registration, it can be assumed that some sort of birthday freebie, discount, coupon or deal is an annual offer to Ruby's eClub members.


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Also, new members are asked to provide information about the meal period during which they usually eat at a Ruby's Diner.  This indicates that members will receive personalized offers for their preferred Ruby's Diner meal periods.

How the Ruby's Diner Kids Club Works:

As part of the Ruby's Diner eClub registration, new members are given the opportunity to register their kids for the Ruby's Diner Kids Club.  Again, Ruby's is vague about the membership benefits in the Ruby's Kids Club, but does promise "surprises at every visit," which implies some sort of daily members-only discount or special.  Additionally, each child's birth date is requested when enrolling a child in the Kids Club, which implies that some sort of birthday freebie or discount will be offered each year to Kids Club members.

How the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty Senior Jitterbug Platinum Club Works: 

The Senior Jitterbug Platinum Club is the most clearly defined Ruby's customer loyalty program.  Customers must be at least 55 years old to join the seniors loyalty club and will receive these members-only benefits:

  • A 10% discount off the member's entree, and the entrees of up to three dining guests.  
  • A 20% discount off the member's entree, and the entrees of up to three dining guests when dining between 3:00 - 5:00.  
  • "Special surprises" delivered via email throughout the year. 

​Seniors can register for the Ruby's Diner Senior Jitterbug Platinum Club online or in person at a Ruby's Diner Restaurant.

Review of the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty eClub, Senior Jitterbug Club and Kids Club:

Overall, because they're not clearly defined, it's difficult to compare the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty eClub, seniors club, and Kids Club with other customer loyalty programs offered by other fast food, fast casual, and full service restaurants.  But specific questions asked about birthdays and preferred dining periods indicates that personalization is part of the Ruby's customer loyalty programs

Personalization has the potential to create an emotional connection with Ruby's Diner loyalty club members.  An emotional connection is one of the most powerful outcomes that any retail customer loyalty program could hope to achieve.

As with all customer loyalty programs, the Ruby's Diner Customer Loyalty Program is focused on keeping customers actively engaged.

  Although Ruby's Diner is not one of the largest U.S. restaurant companies, or one of the most valuable brands in the U.S. restaurant industry, its customer loyalty program can still give local members a reason to choose Ruby's Diner over other full service and fast casual restaurant competitors.

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Headquartered in California, the Ruby's Diner customer loyalty programs give the chain a way to compete with other major U.S restaurant chains.  The three different customer loyalty programs provide Ruby's Diner customers of all ages an opportunity to be rewarded for their loyalty with age appropriate benefits.     

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