Rosie Pipada The Balance

Rosie Pipada

Financial service research
Research Analyst, Performance Marketing
Barnard College


  • Research Analyst at Performance Marketing, Dotdash Meredith
  • Strong background in Economics and quantitative analysis
  • Expertise in financial service research


Before joining the Balance team as a Research Analyst, Rosie was a student at Barnard College pursuing a degree in Economics. Through her degree, Rosie has a background in python, econometrics, and statistics, all of which have supplemented her research capabilities at Dotdash. In addition, she worked on many academic research projects, including work with the Columbia University Sociology Department.

Rosie broadly researches financial services, but specifically focuses on investment and trading, insurance, and mortgages. 

Aside from research, Rosie has been heavily involved in many philanthropic endeavors, including being the founder of a nonprofit organization known as 20/20 Vision for All which has provided eye care to many students in India. 

In her free time, Rosie loves listening to new types of music, reading about politics, and baking!


Rosie is an Economics Major at Barnard College.