7 Awesome Romantic Gift Ideas and Tips if You Need in Insure Them

For Valentine's Day or Year Round

Even when Valentine's Day has passed, there is always a reason to buy someone a special gift to show how much you care. We cover a lot of them for you here so you can keep the romance going all year round.

From the extravagant to the simple and understated, there are plenty of opportunities to come up with something special to show the person you care about how much they mean to you and your life. 

To find the best romantic gift, you only need to be listening or paying attention to what the other person cares about, find something to make their life easier, or buy them something extra special that they would not normally buy for themselves but would absolutely love.

We have some items here that are typically "big ticket" to help inspire you if you want to make that dramatic statement, but we also have a few thoughtful and meaningful ideas that won't break your budget and will show how much you care. 

Important Insurance Tip for Gifts

If you don't live with your loved one, keep in mind that the gift is yours until you gift it, and then it becomes their possession. This situation can be tricky and cause problems when you look at insurance, especially at insuring items that are secret gifts. It may be helpful to understand where an item is covered and make the necessary arrangements beforehand, especially if it's a big-ticket item like an engagement ring.

How About an Adventure?

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An adventure doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to take you out of the norm, or offer an opportunity to see or do something that you would not normally do. Aside from vacation opportunities, there are a lot of gifts that make a person feel adventurous and can add adventure to everyday life or inspire you to start taking steps to realize those dreams.

  • Go to the bookstore and find some books that highlight an area of the world or a sporting activity you would like to try together with your loved one. Wrap it up with a thoughtful note, and share why you want to do this with them. You've heard of promise rings? Well perhaps, this is a promise book, and a promise for the future is really all any partner wants to know.
  • Whether you are shopping for a man or a woman, there's usually some kind of sporting gear that over time a person has let fall out of date, or never replaced. Maybe there's a sport they want to take up, or that your loved one used to do, but has fallen out of practice or habit? Maybe there is something really cool you could do together? Head out and find some equipment that brings you closer to that goal.
  • How about an emergency essentials kit or a survival guide? Sound boring? Not if you tell a story around it. Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Something like this can keep things light, but give you something to talk about and look forward to together.

Do I Need Insurance for These Gifts?

If you have an all risk home, renters or condo policy, items like books, sports equipment, or specialty items are usually covered under the contents coverage of the policy. If you don't have insurance on your personal property, because you only rent, consider getting some. Tenant or Renter's Insurance can be very affordable and can help protect you and all your things as you build your life together. Maybe even throw it in as a gift!

Specialty items like camera equipment or sports equipment may be subject to limitations, so the total value of sporting equipment in your home, for example, will impact if you need to add insurance or not. Any time you spend a few hundred dollars on something, it does not hurt to give your insurance company or representative a call and find out what is covered

Adventure Sports Are Often Excluded from Basic Insurance Policies

If you are looking into doing something thrilling, but potentially dangerous, like skydiving, consider looking into adventure sports insurance which may offer you the coverage you need.

New Gadgets or Tech Gifts: Apps, Phones and Tablets

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Tech items are often on the top of a wish list  and have become essential items in our day to day lives. Here are some ideas that work for the tech lover in your life.

  • Phones & Tablets: Phones are in everyone's essential list these days, if it's in your budget this may be something that's quick and easy to offer as a gift. Here's a tip: because electronics are fun to get, but not necessarily sentimental, consider setting up the new phone or tablet with a screen saver that has a special picture or message on it. Taking the time to set up someone's device is really sweet. Just make sure you know what you are doing, and that anything you do, allows them to customize later. You'll save them the time of doing all the software updates, and let them enjoy the gift right away.
  • Phone & Tablet accessories: Phone covers, specialty phone cases and cool tech trinketsBluetooth keyboards, Battery Charger Packs to make those batteries last longer and Selfie Sticks or fun camera lenses (Olloclip lenses and the studio case are a favorite) are great accessories for people who are into their phones and tablets.

How to Make a Tech Gift Romantic

Think about how they can help you stay connected when you are away, or encourage each other to take more pictures of yourselves to share.

Insurance Information About Limits on Tech and How It's Covered

If you're purchasing software, always remember that insurance policies may or may not cover the cost of lost apps or software.

The cost of data entry and replacement is covered under some policies subject to a limitation, and not covered at all on others. If this is a concern for you, consider inquiring.

Some insurance companies offer coverage for tech items at a very low cost that might help you save money. Home insurance itself also provides coverage for personal items included in the policy.

Before you spend an extra hundred dollars on extra coverage, find out what you already have by calling your insurance company.

Aside from your own home insurance, many phone and tablets offer warranties and their own insurance packages and cloud back-ups. Find out if they include theft, breakage, water damage or mysterious disappearance (which may be covered by some home insurance policies) before making your decision. You may have several options to choose from, learning all the facts will give you the best chance at finding the right protection.

How About a Little Action?

Two young women in gym, looking at activity tracker
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Has your significant other been bugging you to get in shape? Or maybe they are health conscious, but have not wanted to invest in the latest tracker?

Not for you? Don't brush this idea off too quickly, activity trackers are not just for health nuts, in fact, they make cool gifts for anyone who likes to get out and have some fun. 

You can buy matching activity trackers, which now come with a variety of options. Our personal favorite is Fitbit, .

If you're competitive, weekly challenges against each other may also be a fun new activity to look forward to.

The point is, it may be something you can do together, it is something that invests in each others health which shows how much you care.

A word of caution: Don't choose this kind of gift if a person is sensitive to their weight or may take it the wrong way, it may end up on the worst gifts ever list, and that's the last thing you want.

Should You Worry About Insurance for Activity Trackers?

Insurance policies would also normally cover items like this as personal articles, subject to a deductible on the contents of the policy. If you purchase high-end trackers or trackers that also double as a watch, the definition may become blurred with jewelry, and jewelry could be limited in your policy.

Some home policies restrict coverage based on the type of loss, and whether it is on or off home premises.

Find out how your policy applies and if these items will be subject to a policy limit, and ask if your insurance provider has a special rider or endorsement available to insure these items specifically.

Antique Trinkets and Sentimental Items

How to Insure Valentines Gifts - Antiques or Sentimental Value
How to insure sentimental gifts, antiques or collectibles. Daniel Allan / Collection:Cultura / Getty Images

Sometimes the best gift is something unique. You could always look into DIY gifts, that add that very special sentiment, or you could seek out one-of-a-kind items, like collectibles and antiques.

These items can range considerably in price and depending on their classification, may or may not be automatically covered by insurance.

Many insurance policies have limitations or restrictions on items that can not be replaced (like antiques and collectibles). It is always best to contact your insurance representative and find out how these limitations apply. You may be able to purchase a special endorsement to cover these items.

Keep in mind that you should always request the proof of value, a certificate of authenticity or an evaluation when you purchase antiques or collectibles. You may be required to provide this proof before an insurance company will insure it or pay you for a claim.

The good news is that there are insurance companies that do offer coverage for specialty items, so if this coverage is important to you, you may want to consider canceling your current insurance policy for a better one that suits your needs.

Tokens of Appreciation to the Diamond Ring

A Secret Gift for Valentine's Day - Engagement Ring
Engagement rings and other surprises. DUEL / Cultura / Getty Images

Who doesn't love a little sparkle? From a thoughtful pendant, or token of affection, to the ultimate piece of jewelry: the engagement ring; a trip to the jewelry store may inspire you.

One of the most common questions is how to insure an item when it is a surprise gift. We don't need to go into a lot of detail about how jewelry can be a meaningful gift, but we should discuss how to insure expensive jewelry, especially if the value is several thousand dollars.

If you don't already have a tenant policy or homeowner or condo insurance policy, think about getting one. Once you have the insurance, a residential insurance policy provides a base limit for jewelry, usually between $3,000 and $5,000 maximum for all your items combined. You'll want to check with your insurance representative and find out how much is covered in your case.

You can also schedule the ring, meaning placing it on a specific rider on your policy for its total value, or you can even opt in to buying a separate policy for engagement rings. 

When you leave the shop you purchased it at, make sure they give you an evaluation detailing the weight of the metal (gold for example) as well as the quality, weight and any relevant details about the diamond(s) or stone(s) and design on the ring. This is imperative in the event of an insurance claim.

Purchase insurance as soon as you have the ring in your possession, just in case something goes wrong. Some policies cover everything from missing diamonds, to mysterious disappearance and other do not. If you are going to insure the ring, be well informed about limitations, deductibles and what it is insured.

The cost varies, you may want to shop around to find the best coverage for your situation especially if your ring is valued over $10,000.

The Getaway or Dream Trip

Retired couple riding together on a jet ski
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Finding a romantic getaway spot can be really exciting. Some people opt for a weekend getaway nearby, a day at a Nordik or other type of destination spa, or make the promise to plan a dream trip.

Can't afford the dream trip right away?

Try buying some special luggage, or travel accessories that show your commitment to saving up for that special trip. 

Insurance becomes quite important when purchasing trips that extend into the future. The Zika virus concerns around travel that we saw brought up the importance of trip cancellation insurance and is but one example of unexpected issues that make the kind of trip insurance you choose really important.

Familiarize yourself with what kind of insurance is available for trips, and if you plan something far out in the future, consider insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason. 

You may also have trip insurance coverage in your employee benefits package, so don't spend more money than you have to if you already have travel insurance automatically covered elsewhere.

How Insurance Can Be A Romantic Gift

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If you are planning for an extra special occasion, you might opt to go all out and purchase something really big. The best way to protect all of these grand gestures is with insurance.

Even though insurance doesn't seem very romantic, the concept behind it can be quite beautiful. Book an appointment to learn about life or disability insurance together.

If you rent an apartment together, get insured. We discussed many of the coverages you might need for gifts and other special items in this slideshow, but don't forget what you are building together, that deserves protection too.

Purchasing home, personal property or life insurance as a gift can show your commitment to building a future and offers protection for everything you work for together.