Robert C. Kelly

Economics, Investing
Managing Director
US Military Academy (West Point), Harvard University


  • Member of The Balance's Financial Review Board
  • Develops new energy technologies
  • Secures corporate and private equity capital to finance their development


Robert Kelly is Managing Director of XTS Energy LLC, Chairman and Founder of, Inc, and an Adjunct Instructor in Energy Economics at the University of Houston and Rice University.

He has been an energy industry executive for over 30 years and a leader in the development of wind and solar energy technologies as well as the lead developer on numerous natural gas projects—most recently serving as Chairman of Mexico Pacific Limited, LLC a large scale LNG on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

He was a founding member of DKRW Energy LLC where he co-led the development of over 900 megawatts of wind energy and while a senior executive at Enron in the late 1990s founded the wind company that became GE Wind Energy and in a joint venture with Amoco formed a solar company that became an integral part of BP Solar.