Reviews of Coupon Matchup Websites

Find Out the Great, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


The best way to save the most money using coupons is to do what is referred to as coupon matchups. This is when you combine applicable coupons with your store's sale items, customer rewards, ecoupons and/or rebates.

In other words, you exhaust every avenue for savings that your store's coupon policy allows, on the products that you buy.

By using the coupon matchup method on a regular basis, you will likely end up with free or nearly free items and even better, items that will make you money.

There are two ways to match up coupons with weekly sales. One way is to grab your stores' weekly circulars and match it to your coupons and figure out your rewards or by taking advantage of the many websites that provide the service for you.

The Pros of Using Coupon Matchup Websites

There are a lot of advantages to using coupon matchup websites including:

1) Couponers can save hours of time matching coupons to sales from multiple drugstores and grocery stores.

2) Information about where to find the coupons that match with sales can be found easily.

3) Some sites offer couponers the ability to print a list of only the items that they are interested in buying.

4) Direct links to printable coupons are most often available.

5) Most coupon matchup sites allow for comments from visitors which can help answer questions, point out errors, and mention other good deals found within the stores.

6) It is also a good way to stay up on the most popular coupon and cash back apps.

The Cons of Using Coupon Matchup Websites

There are very few cons in using a good matchup website, however you will want to find one that originates from the same region of the country as you live in. This is because many sales are region-specific and your shopping trip will be more successful if you are looking at sales from your area.

Reviews of Top Coupon Matchup Websites

To help match couponers to coupon matchup websites, we will be reviewing many of the popular websites along with some that are great sites, but have not found their way to the top of a Google search.

The reviews are completely objective. I have no association with any of the websites that I have reviewed or those that I will be reviewing in the future.

The reviews are based on several factors including:

  • Site navigation meaning, is it easy or confusing to find what you are looking for on the website.
  • How easy or difficult it is to understand the deals/matchups listed.
  • If links to the printable coupons actually go to the coupon offer listed.
  • How the deals are organized, for example, by category, value, rewards, alphabetically or random.
  • How coupons that expire are handled.
  • If visitors can create a printable shopping list with the deals that they are interested in buying.
  • If the site has a clean design, or is heavy in advertising and invasive pop-ups.
  • If the site lists matchups to stores, but when visitors click on the store link, they are taken to another website.
  • If the abbreviations used on the coupon matchup lists are common to most couponers or does the site have their own coupon lingo.
  • Are visitors required to provide their email or other personal information to gain access to the coupon matchups.
  • If the ability to comment on the individual stores' deals list is available, are visitors questions answered?
  • How extensive are the coupon matchups per store? Does the site just list the top deals, their favorite deals or all of the deals?

There will also be other determining factors that depend of features unique to the websites.

Coupon Matchup Websites Reviews

To kick off the reviews, we've chosen one of my personal favorites and one of the oldest coupon matchup websites. - This is the first review and one of my personal favorite websites for matching coupons. - is one of the oldest websites offering coupon matchups.

Look for more reviews in the coming weeks!