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Visit Their Website is one of the best free wallpaper sites out there because of its beautiful wallpapers and unique way of using wallpaper galleries to make your search for a wallpaper a delightful one.

Beautiful and Unique Wallpapers's wallpapers are beautiful and there's something for everyone here.

These are unique wallpapers that you can only find at

Searching Made Easy

At you can search for a wallpaper by visiting the categories, using Google custom search, viewing them by resolution, or seeing the most popular wallpapers.

While the custom search works fine I really like to search for wallpapers at by category or screen resolution. I find the best results this way while still getting a chance to browse.

There's a most popular wallpaper section at the bottom of the homepage but there are only a few wallpapers shown there. Perhaps will someday expand this function because that would be quite useful.

Wallpaper Galleries

When you visit a category at, they results are put into wallpaper galleries. At the top of the results it will tell you how many total wallpapers and galleries are available for you to browse through.

By each wallpaper gallery there are details about how many wallpapers are in the gallery, whether they're widescreen or fullscreen wallpapers, and what sizes the wallpapers come in.

While I'm not usually a fan of having to dig through wallpaper galleries, this information made it enjoyable because I was able to narrow down which galleries I wanted to visit.

Once inside of a wallpaper gallery you can see all the related wallpapers. The galleries are so much fun to browse through and I love how they all have a similar feel and style to them.

Downloading Your Wallpaper

To download a wallpaper at, you'll need to look below the picture and click on the wallpaper size that you'd like to download. A new window will open up with your new wallpaper.

You can now add this wallpaper to your computer and enjoy it until you're ready to pick the next.

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