Reviews of the Best Hammer Drills

Reviews of the Best Hammer Drills

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There are many hammer drills available, and it may be difficult to know which one will offer you the best value for your needs. In the past, hammer drills were limited to electric power, but now you can find some good hammer drills using cordless battery technology that offer the same power as traditional ones. 

Hammer Drill: Bosch 1191VSR

Bosch 1191VSR

The Bosch 1191 VSR hammer drill is a lightweight drill prefect for small jobs in which you will not be drilling large holes. With a 7 amp motor and a maximum 3,000 RPM, this hammer drill provides one of the highest performance-to-weight ratio among drills. Its handle rotates 360 degrees, though for large hands it could be a little uncomfortable. It can be switched from rotary to hammer drill and is really good on wood, proves to be slower and somewhat disappointing on concrete

The Bosch 1191VSR is ideal for home use and semi-pro related jobs and can be found at an affordable price under $100. 

Hammer Drill: Makita HP1641

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The Makita HP 1641 hammer drill is a lightweight tool with an outstanding large drilling capacity and a powerful 6 AMP motor. It can be used as a rotary drill or hammer drill with rotation, drilling up to 5/8" in concrete surfaces.

A key feature is an extended service life of carbon brushes. This hammer drill has a nice ergonomic handle with a soft grip that provides excellent comfort and control while drilling.

The extra handle is a nice feature and provides some much-needed extra leverage although you will need to be aware that it doesn’t have any brake on the drill so use it with caution in projects that are delicate or require high precision.

Somewhat slow in wood and slightly better in concrete, overall it does a good job when a lot of power is required. 

Hammer Drill: Dewalt DW511

Dewalt DW511

The Dewalt DW511 hammer drill with its 7.8 AMP motor is one of the most powerful drills available. This hammer drill provides excellent drilling capabilities with fast response on concrete and wood. It offers a variable speed that can be used on precise works, and a dual mode of hammer drill and drill that is excellent on wood, steel and masonry applications. A two-finger rubber trigger makes speed control easy, while a 360-degree side handle offers hand-position options for optimal handling.

Hammer Drill: Milwaukee 5376-20

Milwaukee 5376-20

The Milwaukee 8.0 AMP hammer drill is probably the most powerful speed hammer drill available. With metal gear housing, this hammer drill is a compact tool that can be used effectively in concrete wood and metal. The removable 360-degree handle assists in setting the depth rod for pre-set hole drilling. The trigger lock is reliable, easy to use and unobtrusive. Over-molding makes for a surer, more comfortable grip and minimizes vibration and fatigue.

Hammer Drill: Makita HP 2070F

Makita HP 2070F

The Makita 8 AMP ¾ hammer drill includes a two-mode operation for rotation only or hammering with rotation for multiple applications.

This lightweight drill has a very large trigger switch and 360-degree swivel side handle for added comfort. It features a built-in torque limiter that stops bit rotation when hitting reinforcement to prevent kick-back.

The Makita HP 2070F offers an ergonomic and well balanced design with rubberized grip for comfort and control reducing operator fatigue. It has a shock-proof LED light which illuminates the area while drilling. Its ball bearing construction provides longer motor life and includes ventilation holes to cool the motor while protecting it from dust and dirt.