Review: Equifax Complete Advantage Credit Monitoring

Equifax's Basic Credit Monitoring Service

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Credit monitoring services give you early warning if there's suspicious activity on your credit report. You can take action to prevent fraud and reduce the damage of identity theft by monitoring your credit report.

Many companies offer credit monitoring services, including the three credit bureaus. Of all the credit monitoring services offered by credit bureaus, Equifax has the best offer. Their Complete Advantage Plan is just $2 more than Experian’s Triple Advantage and TransUnion’s True Credit, yet offers a more holisitic view of your credit situation.

Pricing and Benefits

For $17.95 per month, Complete Advantage monitors all three credit reports (no credit score monitoring) gives your three bureau credit scores once a year and unlimited access to your Equifax credit report and score. By comparision, Triple Advantage and True Credit do not give you 3-bureau credit scores, but they let you access your credit reports from their respective credit bureaus and give you alerts to changes on all three credit reports.

Equifax has a higher-priced credit monitoring service, the Complete Premier Plan, which costs $19.95 per month and does everything the Complete Advantage plan does plus: monitor your three credit scores, let you freeze and add fraud alerts to your Equifax credit report, and increase the identity theft insurance benefit to $1 million.

Alerts and Fraud Protection

You’ll receive alerts within 24 hours based on changes you’ve specified within your personal preferences.

You can receive email and mobile alerts.

Complete Advantage gives you $25,000 identity theft insurance (compared to $50K with Triple Advantage and $25K with True Credit). Identity monitoring services, LifeLock and Identity Guard, give you $1 million of identity theft protection. Identity Guard’s plans with comparable credit monitoring services start at $16.99 per month and provide quarterly credit report and credit score updates.

Bottom Line

Of the three bureaus’ credit monitoring products, Equifax has the best since it gives you three-bureau credit reports and scores, even if it’s only once a year. Another plus, Equifax has the most product information readily available on their website. But Identity Guard’s Extra Caution plan is just a few cents more and gives you three additional credit reports and scores each year, plus provides identity monitoring.

If you’re looking for a product to help you detect identity theft, go with Identity Guard. But, if you just want to keep a watch on changes to your credit reports, choose Equifax’s Complete Advantage.