Retirement Letter Example and Tips

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Ready to retire from your job? It’s important to start your retirement on the right note. One way to do this is to let your boss know about your retirement plans in a thoughtful and professional way.

Tips for Writing a Retirement Letter to Your Employer

  • Discuss your retirement in person first. Ideally, you will have already told your boss you plan to retire. This letter should just be your formal notice.
  • Give a date. Early in the letter, give a specific date for your retirement. This will help both you and your employer avoid putting off your retirement.
  • Mention your successes at the company. You might consider concisely reminding your boss of the value you added to the company over the years. At the very least, include the number of years you worked for the company to remind your boss of your years of service.
  • Express gratitude. A retirement letter is an ideal place to thank your boss for a great employment experience. If you are unhappy with your job for any reason, your tone should still be professional and cordial.
  • Help the company transition. You might want to offer to help the company transition and recruit a replacement. For example, you may offer to share some of your knowledge with the new hire. However, this is not required.
  • Offer potential proposals. If you want, you might offer to continue working in some small way after your retirement. For example, you might be willing to do occasional or part-time work. However, ideally, you will have discussed these options with your boss in person first.
  • Send the letter to HR. Send a copy of the letter to Human Resources. This will help you to avoid any problems with receiving your benefits as you transition to retirement.
  • Provide contact information. If you are moving, provide your boss with a new address. If you have a company email address, provide a new, personal email address.
  • Tailor your letter. While you can use the letter sample below as a starting point, be sure to tailor the letter to fit your personal circumstances.

Below is a retirement letter example written to inform your employer about your pending retirement, as well as advice on how to write your letter.

Retirement Letter Example

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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I would like to inform you that I am retiring from my position with Smith Agency, effective August 1, 20XX.

Thank you for the numerous opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me over the past 15 years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company.

While I look forward to enjoying my retirement, I will miss working for the company. As you and I have discussed already, I would be happy to continue to do part-time work on various projects, as needed.

If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I have included my personal email above so that you can continue to contact me after I leave the company.


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