5 Must Follow Retail Twitter Feeds This #ChristmasShopping Season

Tweetailing (retailing via Twitter) is a social media marketing trend that all of the largest U.S. retail chains will be using to boost sales this Christmas holiday shopping season. Followers of retail Twitter feeds can expect to see a constant stream of tweets with flash deals, coupon discounts, Twitter-only specials, and last-minute shopping options all throughout the Christmas shopping season.

Even though the number of discounts, deals, contests, and twitter-only specials that U.S. retailers offer to consumers this Christmas via Twitter will reach record levels, not all retail Twitter feeds are equally active or helpful to shoppers looking score the best Christmas holiday shopping deals and discounts.  

This is a list of five must-follow retail Twitter feeds for consumers during the upcoming Christmas holiday shopping season.  These must-follow retail Twitter feeds were chosen based on the level and quality of each retailers' Twitter activities in the other ten months of the year, and how well they each is positioned to capitalize on the Twitter platform in their crucial Q4  marketing activities.  

Toys R' Us Aggressive Twitter Growth Reveals Holiday Tweetailing Plans

Toys R' Us Aggressive Twitter Growth Reveals Holiday Tweetailing Plans public_domain
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Way before the Christmas holiday shopping season began, Toys 'R Us was making its intention to use Twitter as a major part of its holiday marketing strategies known by aggressively adding Twitter followers.  The @ToysRUs Twitter feed positioned itself as the fastest growing retail Twitter feed in the U.S. retail industry by increasing its Twitter audience by 20% every month in the months before Black Friday, according to SocialBakers.com.  

During the Christmas holiday shopping season, the goal of Toys 'R Us is to create a must-watch and must-follow Tweetailing experience for new toy releases, Tweeter-only discounts, social media giveaways, as well as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, and Free Shipping Day one-day-only specials and flash sales.

It's all about getting and keeping attention in the Twittersphere for Toys 'R Us, and distracting shoppers from the biggest toy retailing competitors like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  During the traditional shop-around-the-clock shopping marathon that Toys 'R Us stages in the final shopping days before Christmas Day, the Toys 'R Us Twitter feed will be the social media communication hub that Toys 'R Us shoppers will go to for last-minute, unadvertised deals and specials.


During the 2014 Cyber Monday event, Toys 'R Us was so successful with its holiday marketing and sales that it was unable to deliver all of its Cyber Monday online orders before Christmas Day!  The social media backlash that ensued from dissatisfied customers illustrates the downside of a massive Twitter follower audience, which can turn against you in the Twittersphere faster than a speeding reindeer.

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Best Buy Uses Early Tweetailing to Beat Amazon and Walmart Competition

Best Buy Uses Early Tweetailing to Beat Amazon and Walmart Competition
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Best Buy first started tweeting this year's Christmas holiday shopping suggestions to consumer electronics gift givers on October 10th this year.  The pre-Halloween timing indicates that Best Buy clearly intends to use every marketing outlet at its disposal in order to beat the formidable competition from retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Staples, and Apple.  

This Christmas holiday shopping season Best Buy has chosen the hashtag #WintheHolidays  to attach to all of its holiday shopping tweets.  The @BestBuy tweets first attached to the hashtag, however, didn't really tell the story of "winning" for @BestBuy followers.  This  indicates that there are some @BestBuy "wins" that are yet to bet revealed in the Twittersphere.  

The promise of more pre-emptive, one-up, competitor-busting Christmas shopping tweets from Best Buy and mystery of holiday "wins" in the Twittersphere makes @BestBuy one of the top must-follow retail Twitter feeds to this Christmas holiday shopping season.

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Largest Twitter Retailer: Target's Holiday Must-Follow Twitter Feed

Largest Twitter Retailer Target Holiday Must-Follow Twitter Feed chatswood_target
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Just because of the sheer volume of Twitter followers that it has amassed, the Target Twitter feed is a must-follow Twitter feed for the Christmas holiday shopping season.  Serious deal-seeking Christmas holiday shoppers will want to keep a close watch on the @Target tweets not just because everybody's doing it.  

With more than 1.7 million re-tweeters just 140 characters away, Target is sure to be using its Twitter feed for its most newsworthy and shareable Christmas holiday shopping deals.  And because it is the U.S. retail department store chain with the largest Twitter audience, the @Target Twitter feed is a desirable marketing outlet for product brands Christmas holiday special deals as well.  

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Adidas, PacSun, and All Twitter Buy Now Button Early Adopter Retailers

Adidas, PacSun, and All Twitter Buy Now Button Early Adopter Retailers
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Adidas and PacSun are two of the first Tweetailers to use Twitter's new Buy Now Button to sell products directly from their Twitter feed this Christmas holiday shopping season.  As early Buy Now Button adopters, Adidas and PacSun gain the advantage of technological novelty, which has proven to be a valuable competitive position from which to attract the attention of Christmas shoppers.

With a new technology toy, and the extra attention that accompanies it, Adidas and PacSun will likely be eager to experiment with Twitter-only Buy Now product offers.  The winner of these Tweetailing experiments, of course, will be the customers who are actively watching the Adidas and PacSun Twitter feeds, and ready to pounce on Buy Now deals and discounts as they are tweeted.

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Twitter Surprises From Favorite Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

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Even if customers don't pay attention to the Twitter feeds of their favorite online and brick-and-mortar retailers any other time of the year, it will pay to follow and watch Tweetailing campaigns this Christmas holiday shopping season.  Retail Twitter feeds are filled with deal and discount surprises between pre-Thanksgiving sales and New Year's clearance events and sometimes those Twitter-only deals are as much of a surprise to the retailers as they are to the customers.

Because of the nature of its real-time audience, Twitter provides retailers with marketing agility that no other traditional or social media communication channel can offer.  Just about every minor and major retail chain in the U.S. has a Twitter feed.  Use this link to continue to a complete index of U.S. Retail Twitter Accounts and Twitter Handles. 

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