Sample Resignation Letter for a Retail Position

If You Work in Retail, Keep Your Letter Short and Simple

When you leave a position, whether in the corporate world or in retail, it's important to leave graciously and on good terms. To do that, you need to give your manager sufficient notice and will likely need to draft a resignation letter.

Even if you hate your job, keep your letter professional and straightforward. Viral articles and videos about employees dramatically quitting or writing scathing resignation letters may be entertaining, but it can cause you a great deal of harm.

You may be surprised to find how small professional networks are, and leaving a job on bad terms can end up hurting you later with a bad reference or a poor reputation. 

What Does a Resignation Letter Need to Include?

There is no need to write a long letter or express a great deal of emotion; short and sweet is perfectly fine. In resignation letters, you just need to say that you are quitting as of a certain date and that your last day will be on date you and your manager agreed upon. Some people opt to give a reason, such as a new opportunity or relocation, but that is not required. 

If you have had a good relationship at work and are willing to train your replacement, that can be nice to include in your letter. Resignation letters typically are filed away, and helping through the transition can remind your manager and human resources about your professional demeanor when asked for a reference.


Overall, keep the letter short, highlighting the key information of when you gave your notice and when your last day will be. Sign and date the document, and your manager will file it away. 

Retail Job Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please consider this letter my formal resignation from my position of retail salesperson, effective June 30, 20XX.

I recently accepted a position with another company that will help push me closer to achieving my dream of becoming a Merchandise Buyer for a department store. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here and I will miss the management, the customers and my coworkers. However, I would be doing myself and my career a disservice by not taking this new opportunity.

I am happy to continue to work as usual for the next month, so please do not hesitate to keep me on the schedule. In addition, if it would be helpful, I can reach out to some of my contacts to try and recruit a replacement. 

Thank you again for the opportunities you have given me. I have learned so much and I will never forget my time here.


Your Signature  (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

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