Resume Example With a Headline

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What's a resume headline? How can it help your resume stand out from the crowd of applicants? A resume headline is a brief sentence or phrase that highlights the expertise you have to offer an employer. 

How to Use a Resume Headline 

Like a resume profile or resume objective, the headline goes directly below your contact information. This top of the page location means that your resume headline provide a strong opportunity to make a quick case for your candidacy.

Capitalize the Headline
Keep in mind it's called a headline for a reason: Your phrase can be pithy — in fact, it doesn't even need to be a complete sentence. Capitalize nouns, verbs, and longer words in the headline as you would if you were writing the title to an essay. 

Personalize Your Headline
Ideally, your resume headline will be personalized for every job you apply to. You want to catch the attention of hiring managers and interviewers with a headline that's relevant to the job requirements. If the job description calls for growth and sales, for instance, your headline might read "Grew Revenue 20 Percent." For a job where managerial skills are a priority, your headline might be "People-Focused Leader with 10+ Years Managerial Experience." B

But don't make the mistake of thinking only mid-career or executive-level candidates can use a resume headline — entry level and early career candidates can also take advantage of this space to inform hiring managers of their abilities.

Try resume headlines like "Detail-Oriented College Grad Available to Work All Shifts" or "Graphic Designer Skilled with Adobe Products" or "Experienced Waiter and Bartender."

Remember, your headline ideally accurately sums you up as a candidate, while pointing out that you have precisely the skills and abilities called for in the job.


Here's an example of a resume with a headline. Also review these tips for writing a resume headline and examples that will get your job application noticed.

Resume Example With a Headline

James Applicant
123 Main Street
Denver, CO 80022
c: (111) 555-1111

Award-winning Sales Associate with Seven Years Experience


Sales Associate, Amy's Boutique
Denver, CO
September 20XX - Present
- Provide private shopping appointments for high-end clients
- Assist customers in handling returns and exchanges
- Selected to participate in team project to design and arrange window displays and rearrange floor layout

Sales Clerk, MediaPlay
Madison, WI
September 20XX - August 20XX
- Assisted customers in selecting and purchasing electronic equipment
- Managed customer product returns and exchanges, and answered any questions regarding return policy
- Led training courses for incoming sales clerks
- Nominated for Employee of the Month three times for exceptional sales record

Cashier, Shaw's Grocery Store
Madison, WI
September 20XX - June 20XX
- Provided customer service at cash register and scanning stations for hundreds of customers daily
- Responsible for stocking, arranging floor displays, and opening/closing procedures
- Greeted patrons at door and assisted in retrieving their items
- Received Employee of the Month award for outstanding customer service


ABC College
Madison, WI
Bachelor of Arts, May 20XX

Related Skills
- Skilled at operating computerized cash registers, scanners, and other POS systems

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