Restaurant Tablecloths

How to Choose Restaurant Linen

Do you need tablecloths for your restaurant?
Do you need tablecloths for your restaurant?. Mirella via Pixabay

Few items in a restaurant dining room make a statement the way tablecloths do. Crisply ironed tablecloths and starched linen napkins set a distinctly upscale atmosphere. Tablecloths go hand in hand with fine dining, however I’ve seen restaurant linen used in many different types of restaurants, with varying results.

The Pros of Restaurant Tablecloths

Restaurant tablecloths offer several benefits, including:

• Inexpensive way to cover old or ugly tabletops
• Easy to replace
• Come in a wide variety of colors and sizes
• Instantly dress up any restaurant dining room
• Ideal for restaurants who cater

The Cons of Restaurant Tablecloths

Before you run out to buy restaurant tablecloths, considered these drawbacks first:

• They aren’t as sturdy as tabletops. Rips, stains and holes will render tablecloths useless.
• Involve a lot more upkeep than a tabletop, which can be wiped down in-between seatings. Tablecloths have to be laundered, pressed, folded and stored.
• May send the wrong impression to customers, who might be put off by a “fancy” restaurant, when all they want is a burger and beer.

Buying Restaurant Linen

Here are some things to consider when buying restaurant tablecloths and napkins:

• Look for professional quality linen. Just like selecting restaurant dinnerware and other commercial restaurant equipment, linen designed for restaurants is made to last much longer than those made for personal use.

• Do the math. If you are purchasing tablecloths to save money when opening a new restaurant, it might cost you a lot more in the long run, than nice tabletops. Factor in professional laundry service and replacement linen when you are deciding between tablecloths and tabletops.
• Avoid trendy colors.

Today’s hot color will be tomorrows outdated fad, taking your restaurant dining room along with it. White and ivory are good choice, because they never go out of style. If you must have color, save it for the linen napkins.

Carrying for Restaurant Linen

Restaurant tablecloths won’t do you much good if they aren’t cleaned and stored properly. Some restaurants send their laundry out, while others do it in-house. Of course sending it out will cost you cash every week. But doing it in house will cost you with a higher payroll. Using a professional service is usually the most efficient way to care for your restaurant linen. They will wash, press and fold your tablecloths.