Restaurant Booths

Classic Diner Seating Goes Mainstream

Restaurant booths come in many shapes and sizes. Pricegrabber

Restaurant booths were once only found in diners and taverns. However, today they are used in nearly every type of restaurant, from five star fine dining to casual chains. Booths come upholstered in everything from plush velour or covered in bold red vinyl, and anything in-between. They fit most any theme, helping add instant charm to both old and new restaurants. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, consider the pros and cons of booths.

Benefits of Restaurant Booths
Restaurant booths offer some great advantages over standard restaurant seating. They’re great space savers. If you have found the perfect restaurant location but the space is small, consider installing rows of booths to maximize seating capacity. Just like restaurant chairs, booths come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color. They can be customized to fit any restaurant design. And as I already mentioned, restaurant booths bring instant coziness to even the most cavernous of spaces.

Drawbacks of Restaurant Booths
One drawback of using restaurant booths in place of standard tables and chairs is that they limit what you can do with the rest of your dining room. Booths are not as easy to move or reposition as tables and chairs. As William Zambrotto, General Manager of Tavern on the Green in New York City point out, "...our equipment and furniture is all removable. Nothing is stationary, so, we can manipulate the dining rooms any way shape or form we choose, depending on the various types of setups or reservations we may have." Another drawback of booths is that they are higher maintenance than tables.

Where you can just wipe down wooden chairs and be on your way, if the fabric or vinyl tears or stains, it can be expensive repair and replace.

Buying New and Used Restaurant Booths
Like every other piece of restaurant equipment, booths come both new and used. And like most restaurant seating, new booths don’t come cheap.

The benefit of new booths is of course, they are new. No tears or stains. And they should come with some kind of warranty. If you are purchasing fabric upholstered booths, be sure to have them treated with a stain guard. If you opt for used restaurant booths, be sure to look closely at the seams, for any tears or fraying. Also look for any tears in fabric or cracks in vinyl.

Restaurant booths have stepped out of the diners and pubs and into main stream restaurants, offering a new take on an old restaurant classic. They offer a cozy ambiance for any restaurant dining room.