The Best Investor Websites for Dividend-Paying Stocks

Want Regular Income? These Sites Show You the Way

Investors who want to increase their income through dividend-paying stocks may appreciate help in narrowing their choices. Most brokerage firms will offer pre-screened lists of stocks or self-guided tools that help you screen for stocks based on dividend yield. But if you’re looking for even more data and analysis, consider a site that’s made dividend-paying stocks its sole focus. The sites selected below offer a crash course on dividend investing, along with news, picks, and discussion.

Before you consider dividend investing, understand that companies never guarantee dividends, and stock prices can rise and fall. Your investment is not guaranteed and may lose value. When screening dividend-paying stocks, consider all factors, not just high yield, because the higher the potential yield, the higher the potential risk provides comprehensive information​ about dividend investing and promotes its Dividend Advantage Rating System, used to rate and analyze 1,600 stocks according to five criteria: relative strength, overall yield attractiveness, dividend reliability, dividend uptrend, and earnings growth. The site's articles are frequently published and address news as well as more general topics.

In addition to free content, including stock recommendations, strategy explainers, tools, calculators, and advice, also offers a newsletter and a premium service for paying members.

Investors looking to bone up on strategy or research specific stocks will find a lot of information to help them on this thorough site, although some content is flagged for premium members only.

Dividend Investor

Dividend Investor claims the most powerful dividend-screening tools available, but for some of these, you'll need to be a member to take advantage. For the casual visitor, the site provides detailed dividend data which you can find by searching by ticker symbol. It also offers a few free tools like the dividend growth calculator. To use its ex-dividend calendar, Dividend Scorecard, 20-year rolling history of dividend data, and other premium features, you'll need to pay a monthly or annual fee. Premium content is updated five times a day, which some investors may find is plenty.

Dividend Investor also publishes articles on its homepage, informing investors with topics such as highlighting companies going ex-dividend in upcoming weeks or identifying companies that pay monthly dividends.

The Dividend Detective

Some dividend investors may find The Dividend Detective's homepage design a little dated, but it separates free content from premium content, making it more usable and effective than other dividend sites that make you drill down in a menu before discovering the information you want is behind a paywall.

The Dividend Detective's home page offers plenty of useful, free content to educate investors who are new to dividend investing. This includes information on preferred stocks, closed-end funds, REITs and Canadian stocks, as well as content on U.S.-based high-dividend stocks. Basic training and advanced tutorials will explain terms and investing strategies.

The site's premium content includes breaking news and model portfolios, which could be a useful feature for investors looking for a little more hand-holding.

Dividend Growth Investor

The Dividend Growth Investor is a blog offering insightful commentary and free educational information on high-dividend stocks. The author shares investing strategy in detail, as well as resources for further education and explainers on terms and technique.

Spurred by investors eager to learn more about strategies for growing dividend income, The Dividend Growth Investor also offers a newsletter documenting building a portfolio from scratch and showing the gains over time using their system. Investors interested in seeing real-time progress may find it a useful addition to their inbox.

Dividend Stocks Online

Most of the content on Dividend Stocks Online is restricted to its paying members. The site does share a list of stocks that pay monthly dividends and shows stock ex-dividend dates by month, but for other key data in its charts, you'll have to pay to join.

Members have access to lists of pre-screened dividend-paying stocks, high yield stock ratings, high yield REITs and other stocks. Premium content is updated once per month, which may not suit investors hungry for the latest information.