The Best Websites for Dividend Paying Stocks Investors

The internet provides countless possibilities for investors looking for dividend-paying stocks. Also, most brokerage firms offer pre-screened lists of stocks or self-guided tools to screen for stocks based on dividend yield. Before you consider dividend investing, understand that companies never guarantee dividends, and as an investor, you'll bear the market risk of the stock price going up and down.

Also, before you start your search, don't screen for stocks strictly based on ones paying the highest yield, because you'll need to consider additional factors. The higher the potential investment yield, the higher the potential risk. If you are an experienced investor, you might find the following sites useful in your search for solid, ​dividend-paying stocks.


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As the name implies, has a corporate feel but comes with many free resources, including lists of pre-screened high dividend-paying stocks, a dividend stock rating system, a newsletter, and a premium membership for using their online tools.​

The site offers a historical dividend data section to view past performance.

Dividend Stocks Online

Dividend Stocks Online has a clean and simple feel to it. This site is easy to navigate, with super easy-to-find lists of high-dividend stocks.

The six points the site uses to rank dividend stocks ​are dividend yield, 5-year dividend growth rate, 3-year net income growth rate, free cash flow, and payout ratio.

The site also offers membership services for a monthly fee which gives you access to additional pre-screened high-dividend stock lists.

The Dividend Detective

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The Dividend Detective ​has a more homey, local newspaper feel to it. Their homepage has a great feature that lists free content separate from premium content, making it easy to tell what is what. 

The Dividend Detective's home page offers plenty of useful, free content which includes information on preferred stocks, closed-end funds, REITs and Canadian stocks, as well as content on U.S.-based high-dividend stocks.

You can take advantage of the Basic Training for High-Dividend Investors section, which contains tutorials and current market conditions.

Dividend Growth Investor

The Dividend Growth Investor says, "I will share my journey with you on my quest for achieving an increasing dividend income stream from stocks with above-average dividend growth, which consistently increases their distributions over time."

True to their word, this site offers insightful commentary and free educational information on high-dividend stocks; it is almost as if your college professor were right there to give you daily lessons on high-dividend stock investing.

Like all investment-specific websites, it is important to remember that the content does not constitute investment advice and investors are responsible for all of their actions.

Dividend Investor

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Dividend Investor says they have the "Best dividend data on the web!"

They certainly have a lot of dividend data, with a fantastic quote page on their home screen. Their premium content is the most expensive out of the high dividend stock sites, but it may be worth it.

As an investor, you may appreciate the key points for dividend investors near the bottom of the site because it covers critical information on income sources, tax treatment, and historical ratings.