Resignation Letter Sample for Regretful Departure

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You're ready to jump ship and dive into your new job; if you've informed HR of your two weeks notice, just submit your letter of resignation and you're off and running. But don't dash one off so fast — it's important to use your official letter to set the right tone for the next fourteen days you'll be in the office as well as your relationship with the company in the future.

The letter may sit dormant in an HR file, but your former boss (who's also a potential future reference) will be impressed with your professionalism.

Plus, you never know when an old employer might become a new client down the road or when you'll cross paths again as colleagues. Here are some tips for resignation letter essentials.

The Opening

No need to get creative in the opening; just state the position you’re resigning from and the effective date. Since you've likely already told your boss your reasons for leaving, no need to describe them here — keeping it simple is the way to go.

Thank Your Boss

Thank your employer for the work and the opportunity, describing a few of the main things learned on the job and enjoyed at the company. This is still the case even if you already have a foot out the door or did not enjoy working at the company. Keep it positive! Remember that you may need your boss as a reference in the future; leaving on a positive note will create a good impression.

Handing-Off Your Job and Responsibilities

Lastly, state your desire to help out with any necessary elements of transition.

You don’t need to offer specifics and certainly don't make an offer that you can't live up to. Just note a few sentences indicating that you're committed to working responsibly through your last day, and you'll fulfill all your expected duties.

Here's an example of a resignation letter noting regret and thanking the employer.

Use this letter for inspiration before writing your own. Do not copy the letter exactly — you want your own letter to be genuine and reflect your own feelings and circumstances. 

Resignation Letter Sample - Regret at Leaving

Dear Mr. Smith:

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Communications Director for the ABC Company.

My last day of employment will be August 15.

Thank you for the support that you have provided me during the last several years. I truly appreciated the opportunity to advance from assistant to manager to director along with the chance to hone my marketing and PR skills. I have enjoyed my tenure with the company.

If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I can.


Your name

Sending an Email Message

If you’re emailing your letter, here's how to send your email message including what to include, double checking the relevant information and sending a test message. Here are more resignation email message examples to review, along with resignation letter writing tips

How to Resign from a Job 

People often find resigning from a job a harder task than expected. But since this is one of your last encounters with your manager, the HR department, and the company, it's important to manage the experience well.


Here's information on how to quit a job, including what to say to your boss. It's also a good idea to review these resignation do's and don'ts — for instance, it's a good idea to remove any personal emails, documents, or photos from your computer before officially resigning and it's also best to avoid bragging about your new job.