Positive Reference Letter Sample for a Technical Writer

A Positive Reference After Employee Was Laid Off

Following is a sample reference letter for a Technical Writer that was laid off after the position was outsourced. This reference letter can be customized and used for other positions as well. Use this sample reference letter as a guideline for writing your references.

Either on letter head or addressed as follows:

Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip
Phone number

Name of Recipient
Title of Recipient
Recipient Company Name
Recipient Company Address
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To Whom It May Concern: (or contact name requesting reference)

Joe Employee worked for me at XYZ Company for three years, as a Senior Technical Writer. I was Joe's manager at XYZ Company and would like to recommend him for employment with your organization.

While at XYZ Company, Joe's performance was exemplary. Joe is a conscientious, highly-skilled technical writer. He is detail oriented and has a firm grasp of technical terms. Joe has a great ability to write in a way that can be understood by technical and non-technical personnel alike.

Joe's recent lay-off from XYZ Company was a result of outsourcing decisions made at a corporate level, not as a result of any performance issues. If conditions at XYZ Company change, I wouldn't hesitate to hire him back.

If you would like to speak to me about Joe’s skills, accomplishments or work habits, please do not hesitate to call me directly at (555) 555-1111.


Manager Name
Manager Title